Underbelly's plans for Edinburgh Christmas market - your views online

Underbelly have now announced plans to bring back Edinburgh’s Christmas market for 2021 and expand on previous years
Edinburgh Christmas Market 2021: Start date, location, rides and more of this year’s Edinburgh Christmas event (Image: Underbelly)Edinburgh Christmas Market 2021: Start date, location, rides and more of this year’s Edinburgh Christmas event (Image: Underbelly)
Edinburgh Christmas Market 2021: Start date, location, rides and more of this year’s Edinburgh Christmas event (Image: Underbelly)

Alastair Brunton

This market isn't the same as it was years back. It used to be a proper Christmas German Market with lovely food and craft stores, now it’s just commercial tat pretty much, with other international sellers and expensive and not great quality. Apart from a small number of stalls, most of the stock you could by anywhere. The food and drinks are extortionate.

Jbrown JB

And expand...! Multiple, duplicate stalls with overpriced merchandise already, for goodness sake!

Ian Ross

A collection of tat in tents making a mess of the city.

David McGrath

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Will that mean 25 versions of the same five stalls over and over, instead of 15 versions?

John Longstaff

Not a patch on the Xmas market in Belfast even although the Belfast one is smaller. Better variety, especially in food.

Junior Yates

There go Princes Street Gardens turned to a mess again.

Lewis Shand

Why do they have to get Underbelly, a London company run by a couple of public schoolboys, to run our Christmas market? It should be run by the council, with local businesses and all profits going to them or charity.

Ken Johnston

Underbelly the only winners from the Xmas festival. Should be totally for local produce.

Valerie Severn

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It will just be the same tat as last time, it’s always the same stalls, same rubbish. What’s wrong with local products? There is not enough of that and why does it have to stretch so far, so no social distancing there? We don't need big rides that are expensive to go on, we just need a nice small market with local products. Or run by the council. It's always too overcrowded – a haven for pickpockets.

Valerie Anderson

There should be more local crafts and produce. Most of the stalls are duplicated and selling mass produced items. Other cities have local crafts.

Colin Greer

They should make it twice as big, since we missed out last Christmas!

Donald Kilgour

Awful charade nowadays. Overpriced tat, so easy to make your own gluhwein.

Peter Livingstone

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Let’s hope that public spaces belonging to the citizens of this city aren’t left in the state they were last time!

Stuart Foley

Let's face it, it will be rammed.

Peter Anderson

Absolute rip-off market. Welcome to Edinburgh plc, a subsidiary of Underbelly.

Fred Stone

Any trees getting chopped down this year?

Dougie Turner

Are they going to give the Garden of Remembrance a decent length of time or are they going to have it dismantled a couple of days after 11 of November like they've done before? Profits over everything.

Police powers

Home Secretary Priti Patel will hand new powers to the police which will allow them to stop disruptive protesters

Andrew Harris

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Slippery slope. Might stop the right of those people deemed "disruptive" who are just saying/doing something that the government disagrees with. If all protests and protesters are approved and convenient, are they really protests? Isn't it censorship? Emeline Pankhurst (suffragette), Martin Luther King (civil rights), Ghandi (Indian rights/independence), Muhammad Ali (Vietnam war) and Nelson Mandela (apartheid) to name a few might fall into these descriptions. I think we'd be worse off without their efforts and could do with their help right now to hold that bunch in Westminster to account. Unless another footballer stands up, someone with the right exposure/Twitter followers or a politician grows a pair on major issues (environment, infrastructure, equality or economy) we are screwed.

Jan Steel

It’s just the beginning. Wait until you are protesting because of food shortages.

Albert Crutcher

Due to this particular gang of green loons we shall all lose.

Barbaranne Knox

Goodbye freedom.

David Beveridge

Would the poll tax protests have been banned? How would that have panned out?

Iain Armstrong

This is the most right wing government that I can ever recall, very scary!

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