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Vegan protesters make their point in Waitrose, MorningsideVegan protesters make their point in Waitrose, Morningside
Vegan protesters make their point in Waitrose, Morningside
Vegan activists poured milk onto the floor of an Edinburgh Waitrose in a protest

Catherine White

They should be made to pay for what they destroyed and clean it up. Just an excuse for vandalism.

Vivien Miller

They have gone the wrong way about getting the reaction they were after. They just look like posh, entitled brats who need to be taught some manners! Their parents should be ashamed of them!

Joe-Isabella McGarry

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Obviously they wouldn't try this type of rubbish on in Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or Lidl's, or come to think of it, at a food bank. By the cut of them they look like spoiled brats. I would punish them by making them clean up their mess, pay for the damage and fine them severely. Give them a long time doing community work in some of the needy areas in Edinburgh.

Kenny McLaren

My first thought is, what a criminal waste of food when some people can’t afford to feed themselves. A seriously ill- thought out protest if you ask me.

Teegan Trimmer

While I agree with the sentiment, their method of activism is ineffective, at best. Also, I love how they chose Waitrose in Morningside… try that in Lidl without getting slapped!

Kenneth Paterson

They might want to know there will be a massive shortage of fertilisers next spring as over 30 nitrogen plants have closed in EU due to lack of gas, so this means there will be massive problems for both arable and stock farmers. How will they grow quality plant food without artificial fertiliser? Is animal manure the natural organic way to do it?

Sam McIntosh

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Carefully chosen shops in good areas where the local shop owner or local public aren’t going to give them a kicking.

LLaura Laura

What a waste of milk when families are struggling. I hope they were made to clean up the mess.

Marion Mcgill

Make him clean it, pay for it, and give him a young offenders record until they can learn respect and diplomacy.

Matt Scott

Nice to see he's wearing Adidas trainers, ask him which part of them is plant based.

Carol Ann Scott

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This is such a wasteful act, especially in today’s climate. There are other ways to protest or promote plant-based over the dairy industry.

Kim Eunson

I don't think these kind of protests will give them any support. It just makes people annoyed at the waste and childishness.

George Turnbull

So now more resources will need to be used to replace the perfectly good milk they trashed... yeah, that's the way to go.

Steven Milne

I would describe them as "selfish criminals" rather than "vegan activists".

Gordon Gillies

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What education did they have? Having a proper bone mass and keeping it as long as possible is especially important for osteoporosis prevention. One of the most important calcium sources is milk and dairy products. Breast milk is the best infant food, but milk should not be avoided later in life to prevent losing bone mass.

Alec Smith

How much deforestation is there to grow their plant based food, how much wildlife habitat is destroyed?

Rosemary Ferris Scott

Absolute vandals, who would not dare try this in Tesco or Morrisons. What they fail to realise is that milk is a staple for families on a low budget. They don't look as if they are on the breadline, perhaps living on a very limited income would teach them that pouring away milk is such a destructive act. If they are expecting the public to support them they are wrong.

Ian Ramage

And if someone slipped on that and got injured they should be charged.

Philip Reid

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The dairy industry is disgusting. Just check out how they impregnate cows artificially so they produce more milk, but the calves are separated from the mothers and then killed…that’s what I call waste.

Tricia Todd Houghton

Vandals. Some study was done over here that if everyone was vegan it would be more expensive and not good for the environment. With my genetic salicylate intolerance I’m unable to have a lot of fruit and veg…so no way could I survive on a vegan diet. Seriously bad for pregnant mums and children.

Lewis Williams

“We’ve tried other democratic means, they don’t work”. Yeah, I’m sure the few pints dumped on the floor is making a massive statement.

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