‘We won’t get people back on our trains by taking that train away’ says Labour MSP Colin Smyth - your views online

"Absence of Sunday services is painful. Please, ScotRail, explain what that's all about”

Friday, 3rd September 2021, 8:00 am
Transport minister Graeme Dey said services could not be increased "with no consideration for the cost". Picture: John Devlin

ScotRail cuts

‘We won’t get people back on our trains by taking that train away’ says Labour MSP Colin Smyth

Fraser Kingscott

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It's overpriced is the bottom line. I've no issue with the service in general and like to feel I'm helping the environment when I use it, but when a colleague who commutes from South Queensferry to the centre of Edinburgh finds it cheaper to drive it's never gonna have mass appeal.

Richard Elam

ScotRail won’t get people on the train by charging £30 for a return ticket between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Leigh Campbell

Absence of Sunday services is painful. Please, ScotRail, explain what that's all about as it’s been a while now, just as lockdown eased with very little explanation. Sunday buses to some places are double the normal train time – it's not exactly welcoming to locals visiting family or tourists.

Laird Ronald Simpson

Also ticket offices in rural stations to close after lunch. The rail franchise is not customer friendly.

Sandraa Bellé

If they concentrated on providing trains with a more basic interior but still comfortable and charge less, and make double dockers, like Holland does, more people would travel by train. But saying that they'd probably have to make new routes due to tunnel issues about the UK. I recently looked at getting a train to London as I presumed it would be cheaper than flying. I was very wrong - £150 return by train, £50 return by flight ,couldn't believe it.

Duncan Ross

Or forcing people to wear face masks. Nothing worse. Really spoils a good day out on the train, but then I'm saving a fortune.

Seán F Óg

Three carriages on a Saturday into Edinburgh with football and festival on. Joke of a service.

Ian Freestone

Won't get more people on ScotRail trains until they sort out their shocking prices out and start running trains on Sundays again. Shocking service.

Jackie Hamilton

Someone needs to tell the strikers if we all stop using trains they will be collecting dole money.

Jennie Godfrey

Not by racking the price ridiculously high.

Steven Oliver

You can start by running trains on Sundays again. It's a disgrace that Scotland's national train operator is quite happy to assume that no-one uses trains on a Sunday.

Steve Bowler

This is the upshot of offices not going back .. fewer people .. less demand .. job losses.

Mark Fairbairn

No gonna get customers by outpricing 80 per cent of them and cutting services. Lower quality at a higher price - great idea!

Vaccine certificates

Nicola Sturgeon is calling for "vaccine certificates" for people going to clubs and large events in Scotland

Paul Harper

Everywhere else in the world, these measures are seen as sensible public health decisions. In Scotland it’s another opportunity to attack the FM. Shameful.

Salome Menezes

Yes, makes sense for large gatherings. Think a free PCR test should be taken before as well.

Steve Johnston

And how do we get them and how much will they cost should be the question?

Amanda Doig-Sands

No! Talk about being made to conform! When are people actually gonna see this for what it is?

Hazel Turner

Not sure what the point of a vaccine passport will be when we are continually being told that vaccinated people are still able to pass on the virus.

Scott Reid

So, within 18 months we've gone from "a few weeks" of restrictions to a situation where we will all be getting injected every five months, potentially for the rest of our lives, while being required to show our papers to whoever is deemed necessary to inspect them. Welcome to the Brave New World.

Lorraine Blyth

Businesses and entertainment venues cannot operate if they are continually having to close due to “outbreaks” traced to their premises. So if by requiring a “Covid passport” to gain entry limits this, then yes, it may be a good idea. It may also encourage those still reluctant to get vaccinated to do so.

Bobbie Storrie

Why don't some people understand that other diseases have only been eradicated over time because of vaccines. People think nothing of taking an antibiotic or paracetamol and I'll bet don't look at the leaflet.