Western Harbour housing development - your views online

Work is due to start on a major housing development that will bring hundreds of homes to Edinburgh’s waterfront.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28th April 2022, 7:00 am

Julie Logan

Aye, but what we really need is social housing!

Duncan Ure

Why do people think that just because they are born in Edinburgh they are somehow entitled to stay there and the council should just build and give them a house or developers should build at a loss just to make it cheap enough for certain people even though the market and demand dictates much higher prices? These properties are built by a developer (not the council) and I guarantee they will all sell very quickly! People need to get over their unjustified sense of entitlement and not expect things to be laid on a plate for them. I had to move 25 miles out of Edinburgh, away from family and support for childcare etc as that is what I could afford!

Oriana Pavitt

And what about the knock on effect this will have on the schools, GPs and dentists?

Dougie Reid

Still over congested city, still not enough infrastructure to deal with it. But the council will bash on regardless, building on any space available.

Billy Young

Why are housing developments taking place on waterfront areas if global warming is true and water levels will rise, putting these houses under water?

Isaac McCallum

More holiday homes for the rich.

Paul Klak

Great news. How many homeless people will get off the streets?

Nora Kovacs

That means 900+ cars in the city. Well done, but please don't punish drivers any longer if you allow these buildings.

Simon Musgrove

With gas boilers I presume? No thanks.

Carol Mcritchie-ramage

Why do we need all these houses? There will be no green belt shortly.

William Crawford

Tell us the starting prices then. Or do they want to keep that under wraps until they get started before informing us that the people who actually live or come from the area are being priced out? That can also be classed as gentrification.

Michael Steel

If it’s anything like the build quality there already I wouldn’t touch them.

David Jack

What does this actually achieve and how does it help the local population?

David Brown

Hundreds of unaffordable houses, like the current waterfront just now.

Derry Delboy Livingstone

All be private so that folk with money buy them up with buy to let mortgages and then rent them out at huge profits. When is the last time the council has built council housing specifically to bring their waiting lists down?

John McRae

A one-bed flat will be at least £275k and then there’s the factoring fees and council tax, so at least £2k per year and 90 per cent of your neighbours are ‘couldn’t care less’ renters!

Congestion charge

Charging motorists from outside Edinburgh to drive into the city will damage the Capital's economy, a motoring organisation has claimed.

K Grace Rogerson

What about relatives from outwith city, visiting family in city, who then can't get parked because of all the commuters who clog up side streets with their cars?

Derek Wilson

I have never seen Edinburgh looking so bad. Roadworks and potholes everywhere. Councillors should get to work to get Edinburgh sorted out before thinking about another stupid scheme.

Lorraine Blyth

In the may council election we need to send a clear message to the current council that we are not happy with their performance.

Alex Weir

In 2005 Edinburgh residents voted in a referendum to reject congestion charging plans with a 74.4 per cent majority.

Julie Starr

This is not just about the affect of the public shopping in Edinburgh. Who drives into the city to shop anyway? The main people affected will be those who drive daily into work and tradesman, delivery drivers. Either pricing will go up to cover these charges or they will abandon city business – who knows?

Peter Chalmers

It will kill Edinburgh’s economy, no external workers, no visitors, no shoppers.