What a relief for Edinburgh as council agrees £5 million public toilets plan - your views online

"Thank you! Worst thing about the city was the absence of public toilets.”

Penny for them

What a relief for Edinburgh as council agrees £5 million public toilets plan

Louise Dunn

What about all the facilities they shut a few years ago? And now they want us to walk more. There is absolutely no joined up thinking here - too little too late.

Martin Clubber Laing

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Only years too late, but then it is a typical attitude of Edinburgh council.

Grace Ross

One public toilet on the main road in Corstorphine has been shut a couple of years; bus drivers used it and the general public. It’s up for sale at the moment and I heard plans are in for a cafe – ridiculous! Should be modernised and back in public use. A lot of people have medical conditions that restricts them to where they can go shopping. Cafes don't like you going in just to use their facilities. If you need to use a toilet urgently it can be very upsetting.

Charalampos Koundourakis

Thank you! Worst thing about the city was the absence of public toilets.

Clair Bunch

There are rumours about a number of well used public toilets being sold off rather than upgraded. Has there been any discussions about transferring assets to facilitate community ownership? Alternatively are communities expected to fund others in refurbishments as well as their own?

Crawford Hendy

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Toilets in South Queens-ferry are shocking. Well overdue a revamp. Council happy to sell SQ as an ocean liner stop off, so they need to provide facilities.

Gary Robert Nicol

As a delivery driver in Edinburgh for many years the public toilets were of great use! Not all companies would let you use their toilets.

Paul Krol

Basic service, when you think we have the highest council tax, money wasted on Spaces for People, at least four enquiries about the council,a report on the massive poverty in Edinburgh, highest rents outside London, and that it took a pandemic to get the homeless off the street, and trying to cut toilets and Gorgie Farm shows how badly this council is run.

Frances Petrie-Hay

They will probably charge £5 to use them!

Kristine Robinson

Five years on and we are still waiting. Just open and do up the ones that are there.

Smith C Karen

After selling off all the ones they already had?

Heather Anderson

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Just hurry up and open them! Town is busier now, shops are open but shops like Primark are still keeping their toilets closed. Toilets in Princes Street Gardens are still shut, pub toilets are for customers only.

Kayla Rain

As long as they’re cleaned regularly. Public toilets are usually pretty disgusting.

Queen’s highway

Campaign launched to rename A1 'the Queen's Highway' ahead of monarch's Platinum Jubilee

Graeme Port

The only monarch that should be honoured is the Prince... the Bonnie Prince. Slainth mhor!

Stephen Ellis

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I’ve got a better name. Wullie Wallace Way. You can take away our A1 but you can never take away our freedom.

David Greig

Definitely not. She is known as queen of England worldwide so in my opinion has no relevance to Scotland. Her title says it all, QEII (of England). Scotland has never had a crowned Elizabeth so her proper title should be the 1st of Scotland and 2nd of England. Roll on the Scottish republic.

Vicki Kerr

She wouldn't use it, she has a train.

Damien Lindsay

Only if she does 100 laps of her garden and raises £32m for the NHS.

Jean Muir

Don't think she would care and neither do I. A1 is easier to roll off the tongue.

Shaw Miller

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What’s next, every road outside of schools renamed Prince Andrew Street?

Willie Leith

It already has a name. The Great North Road.

Gary Knaggs

When Scotland leaves the UK, North bound should be renamed The Road to Freedom; South bound The Road to Ruin.

Janette Campbell

if she would consider donating to its upgrade I would think about it!

Scott Stephen Potter

Isn't every road in the UK the queen's highway?

Kenney Mccoll

Does that mean it will be the only road that gets looked after or would they still use Coco pops to fill it in?