What does Queen Elizabeth II mean to you? - your views online

Queen Elizabeth II served more than 70 years on the throne before dying peacefully in Scotland

Marjorie Knight

Everything, she was an amazing lady.

Dorothy Maitland

My 100-year-old mum received a card from the Queen in April this year on her 100th birthday. My mum was alive when the Queen’s father was King and has lived through all of the Queen’s reign and still here to see Charles become King. My mum still calls Holyrood Park - The King’s Park.

Jackie Henderson

Waving to her while hanging out our grandparents’ window every year as she went down the Cannongate – happy memories.

Margaret Alexander

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Waving to her when she drove past on Ferry Road, she waved back.

Davie Chalmers

In 1998 I was part of the military Royal Guard for the duration of that year’s summer stay. Regulary played golf on her course on the estate. Played one day and teed off on the sixth....walking down the fairway and a Range Rover passes on the road dividing the fairway. It stops and both HM & Princess Anne get out and come to talk to us. Extremely pleasant, so she said for the lads to take their second shot. More pressure than being invited to tee off at the Open. More air shots and slices than you could imagine!

Anila Nawoc

One of my earliest memories as a small girl was getting the afternoon off primary school as the Queen and Prince Philip were passing through our town. I still remember being so excited to see the car and the Queen looking out smiling and waving at us all lined up at the roadside as we waved back like mad.

Tania Lake

I remember the day I met her. She was opening a nursing home in the Trinity area of Edinburgh. I ran home to catch the 6 0’Clock news at my gran’s, but they didn’t show me shaking her hand or speaking with her.

Lorna Gatens

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Steadfast, loyal, dignified with a never give up spirit, and despite her own heartaches always had time for people.

Margaret Purves

An amazing lady who supported her country through many difficult times. She always appeared to put the needs of the nation before her own needs. Rest in peace lovely lady.

Yvonne Yip

We lived in the British Hong Kong under her reign. To us, the Queen is an identity, the essence of GB and the memory of our colonial era. Her print was on every coin and stamp in HK. She represents the good old times and the best of Hong Kong. British Hong Kong has gone, and she is gone. A piece of us dies with her.

Monica Santoro

I’m from South Africa, so being a Commonwealth country the Queen had her place with us. We were always curious at the goings on of the Royal family. I see the Queen as the most stable moral compass we ever had. She was never in any scandal and made a commitment in her 20s and literally worked committed to the day she passed. Such grace, poise and unwavering commitment to her role. I truly doubt there will ever be anyone like her again. I now live in Edinburgh and today the city feels different. The Scots are torn with the royal family, so there are mixed opinions here. But all in all there is a respect quite across the city. Change is on the horizon and our stable times of the Queen is now unsettled. We will miss her.

Hazel Stewart

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She will always be such an amazing woman who supported us through everything, even Covid. God save our Queen.

Anne Paton

Bereft today. Stalwart and the true definition of a legend. Bless you Ma’am. Thank you.

Olia Woloszyn Costello

Proud to have had her as our Queen. Amazing woman.

Maureen Guthrie

A very good woman who had a great impact on most people's lives. In my opinion she was wonderful!

Eva Lotta

A rock you can look up to in times of crisis.

Jamie Mcvay

My grandma got a MBE from the Queen for her work in the north of Edinburgh.I’m not a royalist but I feel she has done an amazing job, taking it at a young age. She’s had to deal with Princess Diana then her son Andrew and the problems with Harry. At the end of the day she was a mother and a grandmother and great grandmother she did us proud.

Alison Banks

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She was a role model of strength determination and always a lady.

Mike Herriot

She has always been there, a constant reassuring presence during my lifetime. She epitomised what it is to live a life of dedicated service.