Which roads in Edinburgh would you like to see pedestrianised? - your views online

"Build a cable car system starting in the gardens above Princes Street up to Calton Hill, down Hollyrood, around Arthur’s Seat and back”

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 7:00 am
A traffic-free Princes Street pictured during lockdown

Pedestrianise roads

Which roads in Edinburgh would you like to see pedestrianised?

Sandra Lockhart

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Princes Street with outdoor restaurants. Tram lines ruined the city.

Angela Mcdermott

I thought CEC had this in hand. There are very few roads in the city that you can be actually called roads! More like an obstacle race and once they get to use the coloured pencils in some roads/streets, it will be like Disneyland.

Rennie Kay

Might as well just say all of it, as it’s practically impossible to drive round it anyway.

John Graham

Forrest Road, the Canongate from Jeffrey Street down to the Parliament buildings.

Gavin Hogg

To the best of my recollection, most roads have big bits at the side. We call them pavements here, sidewalks elsewhere.

Stew Gorly

Pedestrianise Princes Street – no traffic or trams. Open up some nice shops and cafes, outside seating, street entertainment. You have the beautiful gardens and the castle as a back drop. Build a cable car system starting in the gardens above Princes Street up to Calton Hill, down Hollyrood, around Arthur’s Seat and back. Great way to see Edinburgh for locals and tourists.

Ruaridh Macalister

Sorry to say it, but the town is finished. All retail shops are online or bust. This will only increase. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to all the great buildings, they can't all be turned onto restaurants or pubs. I mean even the massive office companies in the centre have a huge percentage of people working from home now.

Allen Murray

Don’t care. Nobody with any sense would travel into Edinburgh nowadays anyway, certainly not by car with these car haters in charge.

Mark Steven

Just remember, the more roads you close it makes it harder for tradesman and the price goes up.

Henry Campbell Gillan

Judging from the latest in a long line of climate catastrophes, ie the unprecedented killer heatwave in western Canada where dozens have now lost their lives in temperatures of close to 50C, the sooner we end our dependence on cars the better.

Ally Preston

The A8 from the airport to the city centre might as well be pedestrianised as the number of buses on it means traffic never moves very quickly anyway. Was the point of the trams from the airport to the city centre not to reduce the number of buses on this route?

Paul Taylor

Prince's Street, George Street and the Grassmarket. Provided they sort out the roads outwith the ones closed.

Kelman Chambers

Judging by the track record of the current council, probably the bypass, Queensferry Road and the Western Approach Road.

James Davis

None. I would, however, like to see the roads fixed, these jumbo buses have absolutely destroyed the city centre roads.

John Kirby-Shearer

Why ask? No one listens!

Jenny Lee

You mean to tell me that there are some roads that haven't been already?

Sara Gollan

They can do them all and then charge us for walking on them, because they will have no money coming in.

Brian Bridson


Mobile phones

School mobile phone bans considered in behaviour consultation

Jacqueline Calder

Can't begin to comprehend why any pupil would be permitted to use a mobile phone in class/lesson. They surely are a "social" device. Why can't people live without a mobile phone glued to their hands. Sometimes "information" can wait. We need to "rule" our phone contact not the other way around and phones ruling us! Of course, I remember life before mobile phones.

Hallie Smith

They won’t be banning my child from using her phone in class as she needs it for medical reasons.

Linda Light

In Falkirk it’s the council who have the policy to let kids have phones in class, not the school. They aren't in agreement but have to go by what the authority says.

Tom Toshack

How about some "behaviour" and "discipline" in Westminster? Practice what they preach!

Jock Burns

Pick on the kids time again...... Get the phones out of Holyrood and Westmonster – they are paid to do a job, not sit on their phones live on TV.