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"That wasn’t a debate, it was nothing but a lot of arguing school kids trying to shout each other down”

Leaders TV debate

Who performed best at the STV leaders’ debate?

Marion Garland

It put the BBC one to shame. Patrick Harvie was articulate and went for the jugular.

Bobby Bravado

Corporate puppets squabbling over who gets deepest into the trough. A few weeks to tell the proles they’ll get a few “free” things and life will be good; they’ll believe anything they are told, that’s been clear over the last 12 months. Day after election, back on the corporate puppet script and screw the proles for anything they’ve got left.

Mark John Irvine

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So failed Sturgeon wants another independence referendum and we know why.

It’s about getting her back into power. She wouldn’t win if we Scots were allowed to vote on her record alone. The Yes movement will keep her in power, we all know that.

Tom MacDonald

Who cares? Involved in the £6m disgrace that is Edinburgh “Space for People”? Then don’t expect my vote!

Kev Mcmahon

The unionists are pinning the lot on Scottish Labour’s Anas Sarwar putting the first minister out of her seat.

David Stiven

DRoss - a champion at inflicting self harm.

David Fox

Wouldn’t spend my time watching this garbage.

Andrew Davidson

Got better things to do with my time.

James Kyle

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That wasn’t a debate, it was nothing but a lot of arguing school kids trying to shout each other down.

Ella James

Was it just me who noticed that NS mentioned `Boris` more than she mentioned `Scotland`. Goes to show which way her back is turned.

Michael Gordon

Its like a lot of schoolkids boasting about what they are going to do and slagging each other off. If they were really bothered about the country they'd be working together for the people, regardless of their party - useless the lot them, eh?

Graeme Gifford

Tell me, how did Horace Broon get on?

Chris Trainer

England, for they got Emmerdale and Corrie.

Bob Kirk

Nicola, by a country mile.

John Wastle

The SNP has had 14 years of no ideas, and now they want to ask the public for their ideas, so they can run Scotland for another 14 years of failures. Do the SNP not know it is they who have to come up with a manifesto of their ideas on how they will run the country and we decide who to vote for? Who in their right mind continues to vote for clueless SNP, who only chant separatism. That does not bode well for Scotland. Out of ideas Nicola! SNP mocked for asking public for ideas to boost economy.

Scott Grant

My dad’s harder than your dad.

Ian Henderson

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It was not a proper leaders debate if George Galloway and Alex Salmond was not invited on!

George Buchanan

Three folk want to continue serving their lords and have the Scots do likewise - two folk want the Scottish people to serve themselves and each other . . . about weighs it up.

Paul Fowler

No, they are all parasites who serve the elite. If voting mattered they wouldn’t allow us to do it.

Shaz Shafiq

Aye, I got the popcorn out, got all my mates round, we had a blast – what a great night’s entertainment!

Fly tipping

The issue of fly tipping is hitting the headlines

George Bathgate

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Shocking! Why take the trouble to drive a loaded vehicle to fly tip instead of taking it to the council tip? The council should give van owners some free days instead of charging £30 per trip. This might reduce the fly tipping.

Tracey Johnstone

Stop charging people to dump rubbish. I had to call the council to remove a mattress from the communal bin area that was dumped and sat there for over a month. Make it free, it would cost less in the long run.

Sue Geddes

Then stop making it so difficult for people to get rid of their stuff, and so expensive to get it uplifted. I am not in any way condoning fly tipping.

Val McIver

Some neighbours nearby waited for almost two months on the council pick up service to uplift their stuff; they had already paid for their uplift.

Joyce Combe

People have been fly tipping down Ellen's Glen as well.

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