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"What surprised me was how much I agree with George Galloway … heaven forbid, get me a stiff drink!”

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 6th May 2021, 7:00 am
Scottish party leaders debate the Covid recovery on the election's final TV debate. Picture: BBC Scotland
Scottish party leaders debate the Covid recovery on the election's final TV debate. Picture: BBC Scotland

Scottish election

Who won the BBC leaders' debate?

Gordon Livingstone

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Sarwar came over very professional and frank! He is a good speaker. Nicola held her own as usual, was also quick in challenging. I am just not a fan of the Greens leader … an easy night for him again, he just echoes SNP. Lib Dem looks like he is going to burst out crying! Entertaining.

Lizz Rennie

The presenter was the biggest hypocrite. Asks that the party leaders do not talk over each other, then he does exactly that to each of them when they were trying to answer questions he had asked.

Ronnie Williams

What surprised me was how much I agree with George Galloway … heaven forbid, get me a stiff drink!

Marc Davidson

An exciting opportunity, perhaps only twice in my lifetime to create a new, better country to live in. We deserve better and we deserve democracy. It strikes me as rather peculiar that those that oppose independence are surprised that the SNP want another referendum. It says it on the tin ... if the majority of people in Scotland vote SNP, then it is surely logical that they are for independence. Let's do it this time and create the best small country in the world. Hope for a better future - we owe it to our children.

Robert Bon

Nicola Sturgeon keeps bleating that any decision on independence is up to the Scottish people. She’s right of course, but she’s the pied piper leading the country down the road to the cliff edge by continually telling everyone that independence is the only solution to the problems of Scotland. After 14 years in power and a referendum, she’s only presided over failure to achieve her goal. Time is up Nicola and I hope the voters tell this latter-day pied piper NO THANKS.

Ronnie Shaw

No one won but the ones who gave the best account of themselves were N Sturgeon, P Harvey and A Sarwar, whereas W Rennie and D Ross should have stayed home and done some crocheting.

Negri Punton

Maybe if the SNP had used the last 14 years for the good of the country a referendum might work. But failing on education, drug deaths, ship building, hospital building doesn't really instill any confidence in being independent. They can't even excel in the devolved bit, and then we have the Barnett and deficit to consider. Is it really worth all that for a hard border and new currency at a time we need to get back to normal?

Callum MacPherson

Sarwar and Rennie performed well for me. Both had some appealing policy points, Rennie particularly his critique of a national care service and priorities for education, and Sarwar landed some decent blows on Ross and Sturgeon. Ross had a poor night. Sturgeon was flustered again a few times and dropped a clanger in her panic when asked the questions on currency, stating that an independent Scotland if using Sterling could 'borrow money like any other country' which is nonsense cos we'd have no central bank. Someone should have picked her up on it and it should be publicly corrected as a fundamental complex issue with respect to the independence debate.

Merkin Scot

Alex Salmond won the debate by virtue of having been excluded. They are scared of his party of Independence. ALBA x on the list.

Johnny Beskow

They all concede that they can’t beat Nicola. There’s only one person worth the title of First Minister and she currently holds that position.

Paddy Tully

SNP has had 14 years now. Wrecked and divided Scotland. Time for unity. Labour for me.

Graham Aird

DRoss is a political vaccuum; Anas is fighting so hard to get a very poor second place; Willie looks stressed out of his nut, no idea why he won’t ever have to do anything. Green and SNP only parties looking to the future, and genuinely interested in the people of Scotland - we will decide our own future.

Pawel Stan Ferguson

Ross moaning shows only that the Tories have no idea and no plan for Scotland. Just keep building the fear and demonising the whole independence case. Their only goal is being anti-SNP. Scottish Labour pretends to be an alternative, but they’re only some local branch of a party which I’m surprised still exists in this form. Lib Dems are totally marginal. The debate was boring and a waste of time by trying to roast Nicola and not saying a word about the other parties’ plans for the recovery .

Janice Thomson

I wouldn’t vote for SNP or for independence as I dread to think the state we would be in after Covid. It’s not the Scottish government that paid for furlough etc, etc.