Will you continue to wear a face mask when Covid restrictions end? - your views online

Judy Murray wears a strawberry face mask at Wimbledon 2021. (Photo: Jon Super - Pool/Getty Images)Judy Murray wears a strawberry face mask at Wimbledon 2021. (Photo: Jon Super - Pool/Getty Images)
Judy Murray wears a strawberry face mask at Wimbledon 2021. (Photo: Jon Super - Pool/Getty Images)
"I will probably continue wearing when I'm in shops, but I would stop at work”

Face masks

Will you continue to wear a face mask when Covid restrictions end?

Jacqueline Calder

Absolutely yes, masks should continue to be worn. In fact I'm gobsmacked when I go to the shops how many people aren't wearing masks! Also delivery drivers going from house to house and not wearing masks. Infection rates are growing, people in hospital (even double vaccinated), so yes to keeping masks on, even though I hate the darn things.

Stephanie Ng

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No, I don't think they should and if they are no longer required, I definitely will not wear them! Cannot wait to be rid of them.

Jane Cameron

I think yes, until until the need to stop isolating when you've been in contact with someone with Covid ends. I think the requirement to sanitise your hands before entering places should also remain.

Vicky Thomson

I will probably continue wearing when I'm in shops, but I would stop at work. Short term I can handle, but hours becomes too much for me.

Thelma Kelly

I don’t like them but will stick with them anyway.

Mark HS Dobson

I kept forgetting to put one on at first and now it's become such a habit I naturally just put one on without thinking. It's become such a part of my routine.

Lizz Rennie

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In places like public transport and shops, I am happy to wear them. For some countries in Asia, masks have been worn as part of everyday life, for decades.

Lisa Kernan

I speak for anyone with glasses.... no!

Franz Enriquez

Yep, the good ones have become rather fashionable if you are willing to spend more.

Tracey McIntyre

Definitely not – I hate them.

Kate B-g

Yes, for some reason I have been perfectly healthy for the last 18 months, not even a single cold.

George Ezady

Absolutely yes. I’m double-jabbed, but those that aren’t, I’m doing it for them.

Elizabeth McArthur

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I’m a true Scot … I’ll wait until Nicola tells me what’s best for me.

Ash Mohammad

Only in public, indoors.

Elizabeth McArthur

The SNP are in the process of requesting extensions to the laws already in place regarding Covid - do you really think we are going to have a choice here?

Lorraine McFadyen Scott

If people feel safer wearing them, then I can’t see why not.

Charles Lennon

The sooner we get rid of them the better, that's why I was keen to get the jabs. We have to believe in them.

Robert Lambert

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I will wear a mask where necessary (shopping etc) but other than that, no.

Jodi Kenny Adamson

Yes I will, and sanitize my hands.

David Black

I'll keep doing it until everyone has been offered a jab. After that, those that have refused, tough. Over 80 per cent of those in hospital now have not been vaccinated.

Lewis Hill

Children’s face masks increase carbon dioxide six-fold over acceptable levels.

Vaccine query

European holidays at risk for millions of Brits given Indian-made AstraZeneca jab

John Keating

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Can we not rejoin the EU until after the school holidays - except rich pensioners - then over the winter?

Kaz Gardner

I travelled to Portugal on Monday and they accepted my NHS app showing the dates of my two Astra Zeneca vaccines.

Robert Howlieson

Time to leave Europe to it. They don't need us to holiday there.

Ellie May

Well, considering a lot more people are doing home tests and recording them, it stands to reason the cases are going to be up. Before, people were probably walking about not knowing the had it, and then you have all the folk that went to England, where it’s rampant, coming back here. Doesn't take a genius to work out what the repercussions were gonna be.

Iain Fisher

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Cases rise as you lift restrictions but deaths are 100 times lower than last time due to vaccines. If they keep this up there will be no normal to go back to. The link to serious hospitalisation has been broken, so going down a route of elimination rather than containment keeps the country locked down in various forms till 2024.

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