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Andy Murray is “not supportive” of the government’s plan to ban Russian and Belarusian players from Wimbledon

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 7:00 am
Andy Murray is “not supportive” of the plan to ban Russian and Belarusian players from Wimbledon but added there was no “right answer” to the difficult situation.
Andy Murray is “not supportive” of the plan to ban Russian and Belarusian players from Wimbledon but added there was no “right answer” to the difficult situation.

Graeme Melvin

Totally disagree. All Russian athletes in every sport should be banned from competing indefinitely.

Janet Murray

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Sorry Andy, but disagree with you there.

Tom Park

Well Andy, better than the country they represent getting a flag-waving ceremony.

Gregor Armstrong

It’s a difficult one. Russian players aren’t responsible for their government’s actions, but we don’t want to legitimise the Russians.

Neil MacLennan

Ok. And who cares what he thinks about international relations?

Daniel Cranmer

Well said. Are Brits gonna be held responsible for Boris being a bam?

Mandy Zerifex

The Russian people didn't do this, the goverment did. Creating an environment of hate towards Russian people for nothing.

Darren Priestley

Well, it's not the players’ fault is it?

Liam Oconnor

Wrong answer, not for the first time.

Ali Grieve

Players shouldn’t be banned, it’s not their fault Putin is a nutjob.

Strip club ban

A councillor who voted to ban strip clubs in the Capital and who used to work as a police inspector has defended the decision and said the council should not be responsible for helping dancers who are forced out of jobs.

Renée La Racineuse

No one has ever managed to ban anything where there is a demand for that service. All they do is make it less visible and riskier for the participants, while congratulating themselves for their supposedly “moral” stance.

Louise Wilson

Councillors should leave these businesses alone. As a woman I see no exploitation or violence and recent articles by women currently working in these venues suggest the complete opposite.

Dave Highley

Stripping strippers of their rights to earn an honest wage… has the council got nothing better to do?

Lily Macdonald

If he bans strip clubs, he takes away the safe space for people to work in.

Margaret Gillies

What about male strippers? Don't agree with the council closing "Strip joints". Burlesque is an art form of sorts and the performers have years of training. How dare they insinuate that pole dancers are prostitutes! Hope you vote in a more sensible and caring council.

Kay Wilson

Tories think forcing people out of jobs and then having no support for them afterwards is fine. Who is surprised by this?

Craig Jones

All that will happen now is strippers will go to the client. Less regulated, more dangerous. Be it right or wrong there is a demand and licensed venues is a lot safer! This council needs to move on!

Peter Tostgi Chamberlain

Can we ban councillors? No one would disagree they’re not worth what they cost us, and then let them fend for themselves.

Jacqueline McCord

A man criminalising work that women do. Quelle suprise!

Devon Longstone

All that is going to happen here is it’s going to be driven underground, it isn’t going to stop.

Negri Punton

He also shouldn't be responsible for voting people out of a job. Though we can do the same to him this week and vote him out of a job.

Lisa Cairns

How many of these four strip clubs are owned by women?

Anti-abortion protests

Women who experienced abortions in Scotland have told how "inescapable" and "damaging" anti-abortion protests are

Kay Tremble

I loathe anti-abortionists and really feel the law should be changed to penalise them harassing people.

Patricia Anderson

Patients have been suffering this harrassment for years.Move the protesters away from the patients.Do it now.

Fiona Akacha

No one should be hounded like this, especially while accessing healthcare. I support the right to protest, but to do so at the entrances of hospitals/health care facilities is harassment.

Chris Hindle

"Not your body not your choice" Remember that.