Work on a new Edinburgh concert hall is set to start next year under a scaled-back vision for £75m project - your views online

"We have more than enough 1000 capacity venues. It is a 20,000 venue we need”

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 14th August 2021, 8:00 am

Concert hall

Work on a new Edinburgh concert hall is set to start next year under a scaled-back vision for £75m project

David Storie

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Edinburgh residents short-changed again by a short-sighted council. Edinburgh desperately need a big 20,000+ concert venue but they're too interested in selling off land for hotels and student accommodation.

David Nisbet

We have more than enough 1000 capacity venues. It is a 20,000 venue we need to attract the popular artists that bypass Edinburgh on their tour as the venue is too small.

Gavin Markham

Only a 1000 for a region of 500,000 people? Aye ok then, it’s gonna rival the best in the world. Lol.

Edinburgh needs a concert hall similar to the Hydro.

Paul Demarco

£75m for a 1000-seater stadium is ridiculous. You could build an arena for that. Reckless money spent once again on the "arts" that the minority enjoy and diverted away from what really matters to people – popular music and events which require decent capacities and attract big acts.

Stephen Barkey

Visually awful on the exterior, sat immediately behind some lovely looking old buildings. Looks no better than an industrial warehouse-type building. Mingin’.

Callum Rowley

1000 people would be lucky to pay for the production. We need larger capacity venues. Still don't get why there's nothing big by the airport yet.

Joyce Combe

Would be much easier to get to than travel to Glasgow.

Viv Haig

Better than nothing, but as a capital city, Edinburgh needs a much bigger venue. Then big-named bands won’t miss us out on their tours. Yes we could trail across to Glasgow, but we shouldn’t have to.

Mick Bull

Waste of money. Edinburgh needs at least a 5000+ venue to bring in the big bands to stop people having to go to Glasgow. The Hydro holds 14,000 people.

Vincent Ellingham

Queen's Hall holds 900, Usher Hall 2000 and The Playhouse over 3000.

David Nisbet

Just another Fringe venue. The council don't want the big artists, they only care about the Fringe.

Mark Lennie

is there not a 8000-seat arena being built just off the bypass at Straiton?

Morag Chapman

Edinburgh needs a Barrowlands., with 3000-4000 capacity on the outskirts, either east or west of the city, not in the centre.

James Davanna

1000-capacity? Hold yourself down! Can you imagine the stars off the world wanting to play here. I can imagine them talking to their management – “OK, so we have Glasgow with 10,000 minimum or Edinburgh at 1000.” What a laughing stock we are.

Wayne Potter

£75k per seat.

Ron Dunn

We definitely are in need of a 10,000+ arena in Edinburgh.

Steven Hogg

Probably get more than that in the Corn Exchange.

Scott George

How can a hall that holds no more than a small nightclub cost £75m to build? Who approves this? It's a box with a stage at one end and bar at the other. Be serious.

Mikey Andrew Barrett

1000 capacity? Ha ha ... just turn Ocean Terminal into an epic venue.

John Cromb

We can’t afford this and it’s not needed.

James Wheatcroft

One has to wonder why the horrendously incompetent council forced the closure of excellent clubs such as the Venue and the Calton Studios which were out of the way, and now deign to have this one built right in the city centre? I’m pleased there will be a new music venue, but the council already killed off the venues they didn’t like.

John Dalglish Livingstone

Absolutely pointless, there are plenty venues of this size,the Festival Theatre for one. We need something to rival the Glasgow Hydro.

Fringe food

Where is the best place to get food at the Fringe this year?

Lisa Cairns

Anywhere that’s not a pop-up! Support the Edinburgh businesses who’ve had such a hard time and are here day in day out.

Marianne Morton

Had some kind lovely food at Gordon’s Trattoria yesterday.

Sarah Coghill

Valvona & Crolla, Ivy on the Square, Whiski Rooms, Dishoom, Hard Rock Cafe . . .