Workplace parking levy - your views online

Edinburgh Council is to press ahead with plans for a workplace parking levy despite the administration’s opposition to the scheme.

John Davis

I can see this pushing people to park in residential streets, which then gives the council even more of an excuse to stick in pay and display bays in even more residential areas and force people to spend money on a yearly permit that doesn't even guarantee them a space close to their home. All about making money and never about helping people. Public transport is a shambles and no additional funding will help with the state that our roads are in as the money is as always funnelled into more vanity projects like tram works.

Tony Blair

Are we really supposed to believe any money raised will be used to improve public transport and repair roads? Edinburgh council has not really got a good track record of doing either.

Andrew Davidson

Hope the city councillors pay for parking their cars and it's not off loaded on the citizens of Edinburgh.

Renée La Racineuse

Of course these rules will apply to councillors and council officials, won’t they? No? Thought not. As always, it’s one rule for the folk who make the rules, and pay up/more inconvenience for the rest of us.

Alan Burnett

Greed is a wonderful thing. Nobody has got any money for electricity and gas and food and they want to charge you to go to work to make a wage to try and live on.

Brenda Baxter

Another way to put people off coming to Edinburgh.

John Hewit

Oh there’s a surprise. Milking the poor motorist for even more money. What about us poor shift workers for whom public transport isn’t an option? Some of us work for public transport. You can bet if companies are hit with the charge, you know who’s going to be paying for it!

Andy Unsworth

Such a caring move in the middle of a cost of living crisis. Got to pay for some more hare-brained street excavations and pay awards for transport bosses though…

William Hatton

Name and shame those who went against the will of the Edinburgh people.

Stuart Young

Will it apply to the council that have more private parking on our public land than the public do.

Scott Doherty

What a joke now, you won’t be able to drive to your place of work. The council that makes these stupid rules are forcing people not to work.

Brian Gunn

People are already struggling with day to day living, another cost is not great thinking from elected people. A recession is coming, oh well, let's ask for more cash off decent hard working folk … idiots.

Executive pay

Lothian Buses chief 'astronomical' £33,000 pay rise plus bonus fuels anger over pay deals

Andrew Davidson

Absolutely obscene his salary and bonuses. Its not him that does all the work, it's the staff. Give the staff better wages and reduce his salary and cancel any of his bonuses.

Irene McIntosh

And the government wonders why the 'working man/woman’ is striking!

Lorna Willins

So for cutting bus services he is rewarded. Tthis is what is wrong – the hard workers get naff all.

Sarah Cooper

But the staff actually doing the work are made out to be whinging moaners, for asking for a pay rise they haven't seen for a few years now. Wonder why so many peeps are striking?

Cath Stoddart

What about the drivers? It’s themy who do all the shifts and double shiftx and take all the crap from passengers.

Margaret Moore

And they wonder why the actual workers are striking. This is disgusting.

Laird Ronald Simpson

Once again, the unfairness of the wages system is prevalent by the magnitude of difference between the true workers who bring money into the company, ridiculed by derisory wages to furnish the faceless greedy wonders sitting behind a desk. No wonder civil unrest is imminent.

Paul Cuthbert

It’s about time bonus culture stopped in this country for one person in companies of hundreds of underpaid employees. No wonder there’s a cost of living crisis. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer…. Strike looming.

Nicola Dow

Meanwhile the drivers are fighting to get a pay rise which they haven't had for years!