Would you move to a Scottish Island if the government offered to help pay for it? - your views online

"Ship the SNP off to a remote island and the rest of us will gladly pay!”

Saturday, 17th April 2021, 3:00 am
A view of the Isle of Mull in Scotland’s Western Isles, which have suffered from population decline in recent years

Island life

Would you move to a Scottish Island if the government offered to help pay for it?

Ken Johnston

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The government has to justify somehow the vast expenditure on making Gaelic signs that the majority of the country can't understand.

Glyn Ednie

Where does all the money get generated to pay for promise after unfulfilled promise? We have approximately 4.5 million adults in Scotland but only about 2.5 million of them are tax-payers. The finances do not add up. All promises and no knickers policies.

Brian Gray

Maybe to stop depopulation the SNP could stop centralising jobs away from the Isles to the mainland? Just a thought!

John Donaldson

Ship the SNP off to a remote island and the rest of us will gladly pay!

Wesley A Blackwell

So basically admitting defeat on rural economies after 14 years and now needs to bribe people to go there. Grew up on an island of 200, now 150 . Primary school is now closed and a 40 mile daily commute for secondary education. Really for people to have a youth in rural areas, but there needs to be infrastructure and jobs in place for these people to move for and right now there is nothing.

Rab Sneddon

I will move to their Brigadoon – NOT! More electoral bull s***.

Anne Tulloch

How about paying the local island kids to stay where they were raised? Oh, and £50 grand ain’t gonna even pay a deposit on a house on Arran.

Jimmy Hendry

Her original plan was to fill the islands with refugees. Whatever happened to that? She must have forgotten.

Scott Robertson

Do these islands come with a spaces for people scheme?

Sean McMahon

The SNP “The people of Scotland can be bought.”

Steven Morrison

Only if I can leave the Mrs on the mainland!

Gavin Spence

Depends.... is it £50k a year, or a one off payment?

June McGregor

If I were 40 years younger I would love to go!

Damian Jarrett

Say I already live on a remote Scottish island, can I still apply for the money?

Michael Gordon

I think they should move Holyrood to Rockall, eh?

Jeanette Murphy

Yip, anyone with a nice beach will do.

Spared jail

Woman caught with 1000 bags of heroin and cocaine spared jail to look after her baby

Dougie Lyons

If she was caring for her child she wouldn't have class A drugs. What's wrong with child services looking after the kid while she gets a real sentence? Now everyone caught with drugs will need to watch their kid, their dog, their goldfish. The system is too soft and very weak.

Denise Hosie

Another case of social workers not taking any responsibility - what future do her children have? Absolutely awful.

Christine Duffy

A drug taker in charge of a baby! Social workers at their best – laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

Woolie Cloud

But the girl with six kids committing £17 a week benefit fraud goes to jail?

Mandy Howden

Oh well, that’s all right then. Note to all future female drug dealers - knock a few kids out and the courts will let you off; saves them paperwork, they can go home early and it gives the social services a break as you can go home, phone for more supplies to pump back into the wider community while you keep your get out of jail free kids around to top your drug dealing money up with your benefits!

Leanne Brown

Let her go free but jail someone who committed fraud due to no fault of her own! Ridiculous.

Katrina Mcintosh

Shockingly unfit mother – courts a laughing stock, too soft.

Helenn McWhirterr

Hence the brats that cause destruction on our streets.

Lorna Davidson

Surprised she could do that and still be left to look after her baby. I’ve seen people have their kids removed for less.

Michael White

Care for her baby? You having a laugh?

Patrick Hogg

So no one gets convicted of a crime if they can prove they have a child? It really is time all the judiciary are replaced. They seem to have lost the plot, not to say their marbles!