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Edinburgh has been named the best city to visit in the world, beating the likes of New York, Berlin and Madrid to the number one spot in a survey by Time Out magazine of more than 20,000 people worldwide.

Garry Parker: It’s not even the best city in Scotland. Whoever voted for this seriously hasn’t travelled enough/outside Edinburgh.

Stephen Brown:I walked along Princes Street this week and it was filthy. Can the council not spray some of the muck away? Not a great advert for tourists.

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Janette Terris: Certainly it could be a contender for a top city to visit but what about the poor citizens who have to live there? It has really gone downhill recently.

Edinburgh might be the best city in the world to visit – but what if you live here?

Justin Taylor Mackenzie: Ah yes the people who live in their £1m-plus pads in the well- tended areas of the city – of course they think it’s the best city, the council panders to them. As for those living in the wider city, it’s a totally different story. In fact it’s not just the wider city – the Southside is one rough area, blighted by graffiti, alcohol and drug problems with gangs of drinkers coming from far and wide taking over the public gardens daily. Add to that all the roadworks and the litter problems city- wide and yes we might live in a city that is beautiful at its core, but it’s far from a dream place to live.

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Welcome to Edinburgh, best city in the world- Cammy Day
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Arthur Sime: One of the only places that has got a new game of eye spy: it's called spot the Scot.

Jenny Pirie: I love Edinburgh. Big time. But I’m not convinced that anyone who voted has actually been there recently. The city is falling apart. A dirty embarrassing mess. I feel extremely sorry for the people who visit currently.

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Warren Donaldson: I’m seriously scratching my head at this. I was in Princes Street yesterday and it’s like a rundown local high street – there is nothing in terms of shops any more. Driving is impossible, as is walking, due to all the major roadworks, alterations and diversions that are going on. Also the overall cleanliness was seriously lacking. Remember, visitors don’t need to live here, they only visit. Locals must be sick fed-up. It’s many years from being put right too.

Kevin van der Westhuizen: What I’d say to all the naysayers is that you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone. I work in the city centre and love Edinburgh. There’s no better place to call home.

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Gordon Ackerman: I came to a similar conclusion after spending a summer hitch-hiking around Europe about 40 years ago.

David Rebus: Edinburgh’s the most beautiful building-site in the world.

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Ks Riddell: I love Edinburgh but feel the city has went backwards in recent years with some of the new developments having sucked the atmosphere out of certain areas.

Martin Docherty: Given time for all the work to get completed E dinburgh will be a great place to visit. Things take time – just like the houses we all live in today, they weren't magically put there without upset.

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Calum MacLeod: Edinburgh is consistently voted the best place to live in the UK, with the highest standards of living too. Care to name a better city?

Kevin Somerville: People honestly think roadworks everywhere is a nice place to visit? Personally I'd want a refund if I came to Edinburgh from abroad.

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Liz Scanlon: I live in Edinburgh and love it so much – the history is amazing. However, we need the council to keep it cleaner by emptying buckets etc on a regular basis.

Ray Mccluskey: The sheer expense of living in or visiting Edinburgh marks it down straight away.

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Keir Liddle: This is the sort of news folk love until they realise it means more tourists.

Edinburgh Castle

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In related tourism news, Edinburgh Castle has topped a poll of the most beautiful UK attractions according to analysis from thousands of TripAdvisor reviews.

Bob Cairns; Imposing, striking, impressive. But 'beautiful'?

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Lizzie Hill ;Agreed. It's not even the most beautiful attraction in Edinburgh!

David Wheeler; What about the beggars on every second corner?

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Happy Dayz: I don't think the beggars are reviewed on TripAdvisor.

Sam Campbell: Shame about the rest of Edinburgh – the place is a shambles.

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