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Parent have complained about the short notice of a day's school holidayParent have complained about the short notice of a day's school holiday
Parent have complained about the short notice of a day's school holiday
Parents say an extra school holiday after the Queen's death is at too short notice. Edinburgh pupils missed out on September 19 because schools were already closed for the autumn holiday. But they were promised another day off. The city council has added the additional day to the October break, meaning schools will now resume on Wednesday, October 26.

Hazel Lewis

How about adding another day off, like James Gillespies HS to move equipment and such like (they don’t go back now until Thursday October 27. All agreed with the Scottish parliament apparently. Now that’s ridiculous!

Ronald Dingwall

It is not a 25-hour week for teachers, they work twice as long in the evening and weekends so are probably putting in a 50- 60 hour working week. Not to mention preparation before the start of school term. Those moaners about teachers holidays need to stand in front of a class and feel what it is like. I doubt they would last more than a morning.

Alison Henderson

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They have too many holidays already, plus they have missed so much schooling already.

Fiona Hamilton Pow

Yes, it might be difficult, but that's the breaks. School isn't a babysitter service, but that's how a lot of parents look in it.

Born To Bru

Aye, right enough - the Queen should have given more than two weeks’ notice.

Louk Mc

It was an Edinburgh holiday anyway, even the NHS got it!

Paul Harvey

Well, considering that most of us had days off when the school hall was being used as a polling station and suchlike (and not to mention when the pipes all burst over the Christmas holidays of 1976 and we got an extra nine days), I'd encourage you to be thankful for all the schooldays they get - and maybe think of it as a history lesson.

Mark McDonald

Think kids get enough holidays – don't need any more.

Nadine Khoury

A bit late to moan about this now.

John Wood

No wonder, they get to many holidays as it is.

Aadelle Westwood

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It’s not an extra holiday, schools we’re closed anyway on September 19 weekend. Teachers are entitled to holidays too and rightly should be given their holiday back like others.

Julie Hughes

West Lothian schools are not getting an extra day off.

Annemarie Boston

The teachers work WAY past their going home time and put in plenty more hours than they get recognised for, but the break is for ALL staff. I'm a cleaner at a primary school. Cleaning staff could sure use an extra day off and surely parents (of which I am one) are more than well rehersed in getting child cover for ONE extra day.

Midlothian rent rise

Council reveals plans for six per cent rent increase for council tenants

William Hatton

The Scottish Government announced a rent freeze until at least March 2023. Even the exceptional cases where a rent increase is granted these will be limited to a 3 per cent increase.

Ann Greens Main Harris

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Seriously? The council cannot even do repairs in the flats currently built. I've been waiting since 2019. We pay for stair cleaning services which is never done, but if we demand NOT to pay for these services we're threatened with court appearances. The outside of the existing properties are crumbling and we have damp in our properties. The crumbling exteriors are giving rodents entry points no matter how clean a property, which when reported, you're promised a visit that never comes, followed by a "job cancellation text". There is a vast number of properties in every area sitting empty. Perhaps they should pay attention to existing tenants and vacant properties before they increase rent!

Paul Sayers

Yeah, let's increase the rent to pay for more housing, when in fact it could to lead to more being homeless due to unaffordable rents!

Colin P Canning

Why don't they leave the rents alone in old housing stock but charge 6 per cent more for the people getting the new house?

Kathleen Gell

Are they not aware of the Tenants Rights Bill capping a rent increase at 0 per cent for at least six months? Doh……

Alex Burgess

The council should get repairs done to their housing stock first before they think about taking more money for them.


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