Parking permit delays for staff at ERI - your views online

Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary staff parking permit scheme 'won't be ready' for launch, claim workers

By The Newsroom
Monday, 17th January 2022, 7:00 am

Margaret Cummings

If they can give youngsters up to 21 years old free travel, why can't they at least give NHS staff free travel from the Park and Ride?They already carry ID. I personally think charging the staff to park at the hospital is absolutely outrageous anyway.

Jacqueline Carpenter

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As a patient, I would rather give the space I used to a staff member! The whole thing is a shambles.

Ross Ballantine

The folk who have held this NHS together and cared for our loved ones before, during and after the pandemic should be treated far better than they are. Disgraceful

Julie Fitzsimmons

In a world where women are attacked in broad daylight how is it OK to stop parking, making them have to walk the dark streets alone at 6am? The Royal is short-staffed enough with the ongoing pandemic without this thrown in the mix, as if working 12.5 hour shifts isn’t bad enough without throwing a huge commute in at either end. Whoever is responsible for this should be ashamed!

Avril Mcvay

Totally shocking they are not thinking of the safety of staff either as their shifts are not structured and to be walking early hours of the morning or late night is dangerous.

Lauren Knaggs

I’m almost certain there will be a mass exit of staff due to the parking restrictions. All wards are massively short staffed, mainly relying on bank/agency workers and I can only see the staffing levels getting worse which is worrying for the future of NHS Lothian. They should have really thought about this and added additional parking spaces prior to the Sick Kids moving onto site, as there was never enough parking. It’s an awful situation, staff work hard enough and go days without seeing their loved ones. This is only going to increase - NHS Lothian should be ashamed of how they are treating their staff.

Lynda Kennedy

All NHS staff should get free parking. This is a disgrace, shame on you.

Anne Thorburn

This a an absolute disgrace. Staff will leave because they are not given the respect they deserve after bringing us through this dreadful pandemic. Come on Nicola, get this sorted.

Ann Clark

Staff are going to have to try to park their cars away from hospital and walk in the dark after their long shift alone to their car, which isn’t safe. I think It’s disgraceful.

Mic Griffiths

They don't take into account the nurses that have been attacked after their shift at night. Pilot scheme times are rubbish, especially trying to get off a ward at 8pm when trained nurses have to hand over to the nightshift. No chance they will be out for 8pm.

Margaret Ellis

Absolutely disgusting! Where is the pride for all our hospital workers? About time Nicola Sturgeon got a grip!

Paul Taylor

Just wait till the new workplace parking tax comes into effect.

Mandy Boynes

The shuttle bus will get caught up in the road works at Danderhall which are due to start and will last for 12 weeks.

John Smith

Why is there not a multi-storey car park at The Royal?

James W Quinn

People have had to get buses to work for years and pay the bus fare. This is a disgruntled back shift worker moaning. Yes, all parking at hospitals should be free and a lot of other places as well, but this was a PFI hospital and its took a lot of negotiation to sort something out!

Mary Edgar

Parking has always been an issue at ERI. They built the new Sick Kids and Department of Clinical Neuroscience units on existing car parks but also increased the need for staff and patient parking by doing this. Why are staff willing to car share going to be penalised for doing this? There is surely more chance of being infected with Covid on buses. Safety of staff should be paramount. Park and ride is not always the answer when staff work shifts.

Midget Gems

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Ally Middleton

Fair enough - I've frequently seen people from the dwarf community greeting in the confectionary aisle over this very issue.

David W Roberts

Bit of a tall story surely? Oops, am I allowed to say that?

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