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P&O Ferries executive sacks staff in video message
Protests take place after P&O Ferries sacked it's entire UK Crew on March 18, 2022 in Dover, England.Protests take place after P&O Ferries sacked it's entire UK Crew on March 18, 2022 in Dover, England.
Protests take place after P&O Ferries sacked it's entire UK Crew on March 18, 2022 in Dover, England.

James Whyte

Just hope the dockers boycott and refuse do any work for them

Anne Scott

They can’t just sack people without notice, it’s illegal.

Robert Ayr

Give it two years and they will be boasting of record profits for shareholders - it’s how it works, no?

Derek Lannan

Absolutely disgraceful way to treat staff.

Margaret Maggie Brown

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P&O is owned by DP World, the multinational ports and logistics company based in Dubai. It paid a £270m dividend to shareholders in 2020.

Debbie Kelly

People need to boycott P&O and they will go out of business as a result.

Peter Livingstone

Conservative Party ethos and morals in action. This company clearly has not the slightest concern for its workforce ( except of course for top managers ). Their only concern is profit. You can see this being applied in so many areas - the NHS sadly being another example - work the employees into the ground for the smallest wage they can get away with, and then discard them when an even cheaper option becomes available, and where the only thing that matters is profit. These employers are too focused on short term profit to realise that a happy, supported, valued and cared for work-force will go the extra mile for you, be loyal to you, and show your company in the best possible light. By their behaviour, P&O show all that is bad in modern business. Hopefully the Union movement will stand up for their members and resist this appalling behaviour by P&O.

Elaine Sutherland

What a disgraceful way to do business. That is a dreadful thing to do to staff.

Fraser McCallum

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Why is anyone surprised when we have British Government Ministers like Patel, Raab, Truss and Kwarteng, the authors of ‘Britannia Unchained’ which concluded that British workers are "among the worst idlers in the world". The UK "rewards laziness” and must strive to emulate the work ethic and low-tax culture in parts of Asia. This is Brexit Little Britain in action!

Steven Robertson

That’s what happens when you let Dubai get involved.

Eilidh Gittus

Support RMT and the workers on social media. Go for P&O’s social media accounts. Make your anger public.

Scott Reid

Ashamed to be British. Far too easy to pull off here. Can't imagine this happening in France.

Andrew Davidson

This just shows you that you owe absolutley no loyalty to this type of employer.

Georgina Gibbons

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This is what's happening to the NHS through the back door underfunding. They are driving it into the ground. People need to wake up, it's being done in front of your eyes and the Tories are laughing all the way to the offshore banking world. Private health care they want you to pay, selling to the highest bidder, USA.

John MacLean

Welcome to employment law, UK style. Almost as bad as the USA.

Jeff Little

Keep hearing about the employees being made redundant – they've been sacked. Redundancy denotes that the work undertaken has ceased to exist. The work is still there but cheaper workers are available -deplorable Tory ethos.

Craig Ferguson

More of the same. I remember when Motorola shut the Bathgate plant despite it being one of the most efficient in Europe. An executive admitted in a TV interview they shut it because it was easier and less expensive to make people redundant in the UK.

Margaret Allan

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Disgusting behaviour towards employees. I won't be giving P&O any business in the future.

Morag Daykin

They should be made to pay back all the furlough money. Picking and choosing which employment laws to follow just because they think they can is despicable. I would rather resign than be part of making this happen.

Derek Bayne

Am I out of touch? I thought if someone was made redundant their role could not be filled for six months?

Grace Scott

What happened to our rights? Hope he's sacked next for the employment laws he's broken.

Mary Ellen Brown

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That cannot be legal, to sack someone then replace them with someone else to do the same job as they were doing.

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