Prince Andrew’s arrogant interview made me so angry – Hayley Matthews

Prince Andrew’s BBC Newsnight interview about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein displayed an entitled attitude, rather than sympathy for the convicted sex offender’s victims, writes Hayley Matthews.
Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview was a car-crash. Picture: BBCPrince Andrew’s Newsnight interview was a car-crash. Picture: BBC
Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview was a car-crash. Picture: BBC

I’m sure you’ve seen more than your share of Prince Andrew headlines after “that” interview. I have my opinion, and I’m not afraid to say it.

People have described it as a car-crash and that’s putting it mildly. I struggle to believe that he remembers going to Pizza Express all those years ago. I was at Pizza Express in 2007 but I can’t tell you the month, day or time! It’s farcical, to say the least, but perhaps it really is so out of the ordinary for a member of the Royal Family that it did stick in his memory.

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I think if he’s seen anything suspicious while he was in Jeffrey Epstein’s company, anything that could help the US authorities, he should just put his hand up and the sooner the better because this is not going to go away.

With rumours of Epstein’s death not being a suicide, the entire thing is starting to feel decidedly fishy to me. However, the general public, the mothers, the fathers, the teachers, the hard-working innocent people who are held to account on a daily basis, won’t let this slide.

If you haven’t watched the Newsnight interview, I urge you to do so and see what you make of Prince Andrew’s awkward answers. The entire thing reeks and it’s not pleasant.

Those poor girls who Epstein forced against their will are what matters here. And if Prince Andrew has any shred of decency, he should be wracking his brain for things he saw that were off for ways to help the FBI. He should also have shown more sympathy for Epstein’s victims.

Instead, I feel he has displayed sheer arrogance and seems to feel “entitled”. And it makes my blood boil!