Readers fume at roadworks causing traffic chaos around west Edinburgh

Motorists facing huge traffic jams in the west of the city are furious because they can't see any work taking place at the roadworks.

Tuesday, 10th July 2018, 3:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th July 2018, 4:17 pm
Roadworks around Edinburgh are causing delays for motorists. Picture: TSPL
Roadworks around Edinburgh are causing delays for motorists. Picture: TSPL

• The city has almost ground to a halt with all the roadworks going on. Granton Road/Ferry Road junction was closed, Goldenacre was closed north bound, Ferry Road/Newhaven road has temporary traffic lights, as does Canonmills for seven weeks and, of course, Leith Street has been closed for almost one year. There’s also the road works outside the Western General Hospital that have been there for what seems forever. Then, of course, there are all the road closures for the various events, marathons/ironman/queen’s birthday/cycling events etc etc. Welcome to Edinburgh, we’re shut for road repairs.

Michael Burns

• One wonders whether the concept of working with the utilities “to ensure works are completed as quickly as possible” actually involves leaving the council offices (subsidised frappuccino-latte in hand) and having a look at what’s not happening on site? Probably not - it’s CEC after all.

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John Gailey

• The management in both Transport and Environment are an utter disgrace. Most would struggle to find employment anywhere near the same level in the private sector. We do not pay our taxes as an employment agency for the totally inept, but to have the city run like other modern European cities.

David Black

• Well, the council has been conned. Again.

Brian Stewart

• Not just an Edinburgh problem. Often on motorways I have driven past miles of cones blocking one, sometimes two lanes with not a scrap of work started and no one or no machines in sight.

Allan Brooks

• Exactly the same at Nicolson Street. All weekend the road partially closed, not even dug up, and elderly people having to struggle to the next bus stop.

Elaine Burt

• But that’s the case many, many times with roadworks in Edinburgh - long tailbacks at temporary lights and not a workman in sight.

Ian Suggitt

• Edinburgh Trades holidays!

David Russell

• You’ll find them at the nearest Gregg’s parked outside reading the Daily Record or Sun.

Bill Logie

• Isn’t there a quango supposed to be stopping all this.

Frank Mojito McPhillips

• Dig dig and workers nowhere to be seen and that’s nearly the whole of Diginburgh. It’s time to fine these utility firms when there is nobody working on them.

David Fox