Susan Morrison: Your hand is not a hanky

Interesting fact about Lothian Buses. They are a highly organised public transport company who do an amazingly good job of moving people about the city in the face of a council that seems to like digging up streets with the enthusiasm of a First World War trench diggers re-enactment society.

Friday, 12th January 2018, 6:00 am
See? That's how sneezing should be done. Picture: PA

The one thing this paragon of mass movement doesn’t manage to do is drench its vehicles in disinfectant every night. So, good people, this means that wee lurky lurgy bugs can hide in the nice warm bus, and get the numbers up until they can get right up your nose, quite literally.

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Coughs and sneezes really do spread diseases. You know that big box of hankies you are still working through? Shove a couple in your pocket.

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Go mad, invest in a multi-pack of mini ones and spend at least half the trip trying to get them open. Offer hankies to folk who were too busy to leave the house to pick some up. Accept graciously if someone offers you one.

Anyone over the age of four should not be wiping their nose on their sleeve, and please remember your hand is not a hanky, so sneezing into it is not an option, especially when you use that hand to ring that bell, and everyone else does after you.