The Duke of Cambridge is in the Capital for a seven-day visit in his role as Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland- your views online

"I hear he will be appearing on Mastermind - specialist subject, The History of the Church of Scotland".

Monday, 24th May 2021, 7:00 am
Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, says the Panorama interview added to his mother's fear and paranoia.

Prince William

Prince William to watch Scottish Cup final in rooftop bar in Edinburgh. The Duke of Cambridge is in the Capital for a seven-day visit in his role as Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Lorraine Robb

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You are most welcome Prince William, hope you enjoy your stay.

Lynne Clapperton

Love his new title! God help us, as if the church isn't going way downhill already. Talk about how out of touch the Royal Family are - and the churches too!

Diana Raduzzi

How does an Anglican become commissioner of the Scottish church when the churches are divided? How can this be possible? So, can he run without any problems to be Pope in Rome?

John Stevely

Is the pub called after him, as in "the grand Pooh-Bah" Earl of Strathearn, among hundreds of dukedoms, earldoms etc? Prince William will one day take the UK’s ultimate title, the King of England, after his father Prince Charles vacates the throne. I’ve not got a problem with that as Scotland will be a republic long before that.

Colleen Hurren

I hear he will be appearing on Mastermind - specialist subject "The History of the Church of Scotland".

Chris Curran

Sent up tae say, “Hello Scotland, we all love Scotland back home, dahn sarf".

Claire A A Eadie

Has that poor laddie not suffered enough this year already?

Andrew J Swanson

Am I bothered? Another weak attempt by the pathetic establishment to keep Scotland in its box.

Catherine McCarthy

John Knox will be turning in his grave

Stephen Kelly

The English monarchy has no right being involved in the Church of Scotland. The Church of Scotland was under Scottish jurisdiction, part of the Act of Union.

Kenedi Arthur

I wonder if he will get more than a two-hour slot!

Murrayfield Ice Rink

Edinburgh's Murrayfield Ice Rink in desperate situation as the threat of closure looms large.

Margaret Robinson

I left Edinburgh 58 years ago to come to Australia. I spent a lot of time at the skating rink. To be honest, I am surprised it's still open after all this time. Loved the place.

Yvonne Brown

We can’t lose this place! Something has to be done.

Danielle Clegg

I use to go a lot as a child with my family. It would be sad to see it close, there must be something that can be done.

David Boswell

The biggest problem is that it is 50 years overdue for a refurb that would cost millions.

Dean Boyne

They’ve been offered more than enough to get the place back open – £280k plus what’s in the bank. Think they’re becoming greedy. The ice was getting taken up and relaid anyway at the end of last season, so that money surely was put aside. They’re chancing there luck now. They’re forcing kids to travel all over the country to get ice time.

Lena Robertson

My favourite place every weekend.

Ken Johnston

I was there four years ago. The place stank of sweaty feet and toilet odours. Run down.

Ryan Black

Surely if they’re offered a grant it’s up to them to use the money the way they need, not for someone to say right here’s a list of stuff you can and can’t spend the money on. I know it’s easier said than done, but surely they could do a GoFundMe page and I know it’s a lot to ask people who are going through the same thing, but surely something is better than nothing.

Meadows big top

Edinburgh Festival Fringe promoters Underbelly reveal plans for 'big top' circus on the Meadows this summer

Alex Mclean

Underhand have been lining their pockets for many years. They disregard the wishes of local people, treating Edinburgh as a cash cow. I’m giving them a miss.

Dawn Simpson Kirkland

Bit confused by this, with the Tattoo being cancelled. I don’t know how this is allowed x4 daily but Tattoo is not – everything with that is outdoors.

Jamie Dobbin

It's just for a few weeks, do you realise the job situation we will be in soon? I think it's fantastic, Edinburgh needs it.

Nicole Hapunkt

Destroying the Meadows after ruining Princes Street Gardens? Great!