‘There is a mandate for indyref2 so deal with it’ – Evening News readers react to Unionists in the Capital saying the SNP does not have a mandate for indyref2

Unionists in the Capital have insisted that the SNP cleaning up in Scotland may still not be enough to give them a mandate for a second independence referendum. Here’s what our readers thought.

Friday, 13th December 2019, 5:00 pm
SNP supporters celebrate their victories at the Edinburgh count. Picture: PA

Well the Edinburgh unionists are out numbered – so that’s tough. There is a mandate and appetite for indy so deal with it!”

Nx Ssandilandss

The SNP did not win over 50 per cent of the vote in Edinburgh or nationally. The unionist vote is simply divided in comparison.

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Nicola Sturgeon is set to push for indyref2. Picture: Getty

David Sandilands

Does that mean that Conservatives don’t have a mandate to push through Brexit because they won by a lower percentage.

Graeme Scott

Why don’t you unionists all join together, make one big unionist party and see how you get on? I bet you would lose. You see, nearly all SNP voters are in favour of independence because that’s what the party stands for, whereas not all Labour voters, Lib Dems and Tories are out and out unionists! You also haven’t counted the Scottish Greens where a very large percentage are pro-indy Good luck with trying to hold on to the union!

Graham Walker

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It clearly is a mandate for another referendum... but doesn’t mean the result will change. Still for the people to decide.

John Garden

I was a strong No last time around and although I’m still not completely sold on the idea I would give strong consideration to voting Yes at another indyref after the complete futility of getting Scotland’s voice heard when it comes to Westminster.

Watt Neill

I’m not a nationalist but if BoJo denies another indyref he needs to realise the seething resentment the Scottish people will feel against him. I’d rather he just said yes and let us get on with it.

Peter Shankland

This is exactly what politics should look like. Being able to say: “I don’t agree with you but you have a right to be heard.”

Jamie Donoghue

I’d say it is a mandate for indyref2 and I’d just like to mention I look forward to leaving England behind. Feel a bit sorry for Wales but hey ho.

Grant Peaker

I don’t feel sorry for Wales. They also voted for Brexit.

Graham McLachlan

Wales have it in their devolved power to hold an independence referendum every seven years. Even Northern Ireland has a devolved power to hold a unification referendum every seven years. Scotland doesn’t have that power, so I wouldn’t feel sorry for Wales – they can have an indy ref anytime they want.

Sarah Jane Flynn

Bojo is not a one nation Tory, despite what he is currently saying. He’ll be glad to support a second referendum if he thinks there’s a chance he can rid himself of Scotland.

Dot Fraser

Say we have a second referendum and the answer is still No do we have a call for a third one. People vote SNP in Scotland as they can’t bear to vote Tory and the Labour Party is a shambles. I don’t understand this urge for an independent Scotland. It is not like the SNP are actually doing a decent job running what they have.

David Carr

Turn the result on it’s head. Say the SNP had only won 11 seats. The unionist parties would be claiming nationalism and independence had been well and truly defeated at the ballot box. Well the result at the ballot box is the exact opposite of that. The result is as it is and the SNP have every right to try to hold another referendum.

Robert Munro

More than 55 per cent of the Scottish electorate still voted for parties who are opposed to Independence. Scottish voters have consistently recognised the value of the Union. In UK elections a first past the post system operates – if last night had used proportional representation the result would have been different both in Scotland and the UK.

David Hamilton

I am not an SNP supporter but this is a mandate. You can’t have it both ways. Sturgeon clearly has an increased majority of the electorate of Scotland and she was very clear on her party’s policies. The key policy was an indyref2. Like it or not she has won a mandate for the SNP. I accept that.

Tim Wight

The SNP “victory” is a huge loss as they have zero say in parliament and Johnson has no reason to do anything for them..

David Carroll