Time to tackle dog dirt blight near our schools

Everyone will understand the frustrations of a dog fouling victim who has decided enough is enough.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 1st March 2019, 6:11 am
Dog fouling is a blight near many schools

Business owner Douglas Slight tried far more than most people would to tackle the problem outside his premises in Wallyford. It was only after trying several other ways of stopping irresponsible dog owners - including providing poo bags and a bin - that he turned to more, shall we say, unconventional tactics.

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Mr Slight’s flicking of faeces from the verge onto the footpath near the new Wallyford Primary has prompted understandable horror from some parents. There can’t be a parent anywhere in the Lothians who has not at some point encountered dog dirt on the school run. It’s a problem that blights our streets and parks.

Of course it is not only filthy when children tread in it, youngsters, ultimately, risk catching a disease that could leave them blind. Endless well-intended poster campaigns have done little to tackle this huge problem.

The well-advertised threat of £100 fines don’t seem to have helped. The reason is obvious, the threat rings hollow when no one is ever caught. Mr Slight deserves support more than condemnation. Come on, East Lothian Council, get your wardens round there and catch and fine the culprits.