We've cracked potty training with a mini loo - and snacks - Hayley Matthews

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We've been very lucky in the sense that our eldest was at a private nursery full time (back when it didn't cost two mortgages) when we ventured into potty training grounds.

The staff were amazing and it happened overnight. He took to it like a jobby to water, sorry, I mean a duck to water. But you get my point, his potty training was a breeze. Our youngest on the other hand does not like the noises in the bathroom so things are a bit more challenging. He won't let us pull the plug out after a bath, due to the gurgling noise. He also doesn't like the sound of water draining away from upstairs or if someone flushes the loo in the stair (yes we hear you, Margo). So, as we embarked on our potty training journey with him we hit a wall. Terrified of the big boys toilet he refused to sit on it, even with a stool and a potty seat.

On telling my friend Sam about our troubles she offered me her toilet. Not her actual big boys toilet, but a mini toilet that has a pretend flush and everything. She has kids of similar ages to mines so when she said her youngest didn't like the mini toilet and preferred the big one, we took it off her hands.

It's turned out well as my youngest son loves it, so much so, he's made a stash of toilet roll on top of it, has a mat and has even put some snacks there too, in case he gets bored.

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