Why Rebus said sorry for wearing a Hibs scarf – Steve Cardownie

As an avid reader of the Rebus detective books, set in the streets of Edinburgh, I was interested to read, that in answer to a question asked of him at an event in Stirling, the books’ author, Ian Rankin, said that Rebus would probably have voted “No” in the independence referendum of 2014.

Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 7:00 am
Ken Stott as Rebus in 2005 - minus his Hibs scarf. Picture: Rob McDougall

He did qualify his answer by saying that the detective was averse to change and was very set in his ways but the revelation was no less unwelcome for all that especially when coupled with the fact that, as we all know, Rebus is a Hibby.

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I was reminded of the time when I was sitting in The Jinglin’ Geordie one day when who should walk through the door but none other than Ken Stott who portrays Rebus and who was shooting the Fleshmarket Close episode of the series.

Festooned in a Hibs scarf he looked at us and immediately apologised for wearing the wrong colours.

He didn’t have to say any more and as the Hibs supporters in our company sought solace in their respective pints the rest of us raised our drinks to the actor, safe in the knowledge that while Rebus may be a Hibby, Ken Stott is a “dyed in the wool” Jambo!