Pandas’ power to boost Capital economy by £28m

EDINBURGH Zoo’s pandas could be worth £28 million to the Capital’s economy over their ten-year stay, a new report has revealed.

The independent study commissioned by Scottish Enterprise found that the equivalent of 55 jobs could be safeguarded by the 
tourism opportunities related to the Chinese duo.

Tourists are also tipped to spend £20m in the rest of Scotland during trips to visit the pandas.

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Hotels, shops, pubs and restaurants, taxi drivers and airlines are all set to benefit.

Eddie Brogan, director of tourism at Scottish Enterprise said: “The study shows there is significant scope to build on the interest the giant pandas have already generated to deliver substantial economic benefit to Edinburgh and Scotland. 

“The report highlights a number of opportunities and new ideas about how to maximise the impact of the pandas’ popularity. For example, we believe there is significant further potential to attract family groups, particularly from outwith Scotland, to support the growth of tourism with the pandas as a key attraction.”