Party’s over for Prestonpans ASBO girls

TWO party-loving tenants have been hit with Asbos for playing loud music and causing distress to their neighbours.

Siobhan Sands, 27, and Karen Cosgrove, 34, were served with interim restrictions following a series of complaints to East Lothian Council.

Allegations against Ms Sands, of High Street, Prestonpans, stretched back to 2011 and included claims of shouting, swearing, banging on doors and playing loud music.

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Separately, Ms Cosgrove’s alleged misdemeanours date to September last year when a noisy party involving shouting and swearing took place.

Police attended and removed some revellers from the property at Kings Road, Tranent. Further complaints were made about loud parties which caused distressed neighbours, resulting in the application for an interim Asbo.

A council spokesperson said: “It is clear in both these cases that the two women caused distress to their neighbours. Despite repeated warnings to both they continued to act in an antisocial manner which has now resulted in them each receiving an interim Asbo.”

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