Pathhead Flower Show

The Pathhead and District Horticultural Society held their 66th Annual Flower Show last Saturday in Pathhead Community Hall.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 8:01 am
Jim Williams, Billy McCormack & Margaret Winthorp at the flower show.
Jim Williams, Billy McCormack & Margaret Winthorp at the flower show.

Some new exhibitors flexed their muscles and took on the established names in both vegetables and handicrafts with considerable success.

Jim Williams, show manager, said he was delighted to see new faces and talents and hoped that new blood would ensure the continuing highlight of the society’s year.

The vegetables, fruit and flowers were judged by George Harrison and Ian Gillan, with mother and daughter team of Rena Donaldson and Gillian Buchanan tasked with the daunting prospect of dealing with cookery, handicrafts, decorative and children’s’ entries.

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With an association with ‘The Horti’ dating back around 50 years Fiona Dalrymple was introduced. After commenting on how difficult the weather had been between rain, cold and a lengthy dry spell, she added that the wonders of nature had allowed so many growers to recover and show off some splendid produce. Following some words of encouragement urging younger people to come forward and be involved she presented the winners with their awards and trophies. Jim Williams then thanked her and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.


Confined Classes

Cut flowers

1 vase annuals: Billy Knox, Sandra Liddle, Macauley Crichton

1 vase hardy herbaceous: Liz Barr, Margaret Winthrop

3 dahlias: Billy Knox, Tony Forrest, Sandra Liddle

1 pot lobelia: Billy Knox

1 large dahlia: Tony Forrest

1 gladiolus spike: Sana Forrest, Margaret Winthrop, Billy Knox

5 French marigolds: Davy Crichton, Billy Knox

1 vase mixed flowers: Fiona Meikle, Nicola Faux, Sandra Liddle

1 vase spray chrysanthemums: Margaret Winthrop

1 vase asters, 5 blooms: Davy Crichton, Billy Knox, Margaret Winthrop

1 vase sweet peas: Billy Knox, Davy Crichton

1 vase floribunda: Billy Knox, Fiona Dalrymple

4 rose blooms HT: Billy Knox

1 rose bloom HT: Billy Knox, Davy Crichton, Fiona Dalrymple

1 vase flowering shrub: Margaret Winthrop, Fiona Dalrymple, Fiona Meikle


3 onions from setts: Billy Knox, Craig Bertram, Davy Crichton

2 globe beet: Craig Bertram, Al Rae, Fiona Meikle

3 stalks rhubarb: Billy Knox, Linda Miller

4 potatoes: Fiona Meikle

5 tomatoes: Brenda Ritchie, Al Rae, Craig Bertram

1 collection of vegetables: Fiona Meikle, Billy Knox, Aileen Banks

Open Classes

Pot Plants

1 foliage plant: Andy Banks

2 fuchsias: Willie Punton

2 geraniums: Willie Punton

2 pots cacti: Andy Banks, George Smith

1 fuchsia: Willie Punton

1 fern: Andy Banks, George Smith

1 geranium: Willie Punton

3 fuchsias: Willie Punton

1 patio container/pot: Jim Williams


1 vase hardy herbaceous: Jackie Callander, Paddy Scott, Helen Dumbleton

1 vase annuals: Bill Sowman, George Smith

2 vases gladioli: Bill Sowman

1 vase gladioli 2 spikes: Bill Sowman

1 vase gladiolus 1 spike: Bill Sowman

1 vase chrysanthemums, large: Gordon Mitchell

1 vase spray chrysanthemums: Gordon Mitchell

1 vase chrysanthemums medium: Gordon Mitchell

2 vases spray chrysanthemums: Gordon Mitchell

1 vase cactus dahlias small: Gordon Mitchell

1 vase decorative dahlias, medium: Gordon Mitchell

1 vase decorative dahlias, small: George Smith

1 large dahlia: George Smith

1 vase aster: George Smith, Billy Knox

1 vase antirrhinums: Bill Sowman, Sandra Liddle

1 vase sweet peas: 12 spikes, George Smith

4 rose blooms HT: Paddy Scott

Bowl of roses: Andy Banks

6 French marigolds: Linda Miller

6 pansies: Jim Williams

1 pot plant & vase of flowers: Andy Banks


3 dessert apples: Margaret Winthrop, Aileen Banks, Fiona Meikle

3 cooking apples: Laura Walker, Margaret Winthrop, Fiona Meikle

6 pods peas: Jim Williams, Brenda Ritchie, Laura Walker

6 pods broad beans: Jim Williams

6 pods French beans: Jim Williams, Laura Walker, Bill Sowman

6 runner beans: George Smith

3 kelsae onions : Cush Miller, Jimmy Raeburn, George Smith

4 onions from setts: Laura Walker

6 shallots, pear shaped: Jimmy Raeburn, Cush Miller, Jim Williams

6 shallots, not pear, red or yellow: Billy Knox

2 cauliflowers: Jim Williams

5 potatoes white: Jim Williams, George Smith

5 potatoes coloured: Jim Williams, Laura Walker

6 tomatoes: Jim Williams, Cush Miller, Al Rae

Heaviest truss tomatoes: Cush Miller, Fiona Meikle

3 globe beet: Jim Williams, George Smith, Billy Knox

3 carrots stump: Jimmy Raeburn, Cush Miller, Jim Williams

2 carrots long: Jim Williams, Laura Walker

2 beet long: Jim Williams

2 parsnips: Cush Miller

2 leeks long: Cush Miller, Laura Walker

2 pot leeks: Cush Miller

1 pot parsley: Jim Williams, Brenda Ritchie

3 stalks rhubarb: Cathy Jess, Bob Miller

Any other fruit or veg.: Al Rae, Cathy Jess, Brenda Ritchie

Collection of 5 vegetables: Jim Williams, Cush Miller, Laura Walker

Garden News Top Vase: Andy Banks


Knitted item: Margaret Winthrop, Janette Crichton, Jane Waite

Peg bag: Margaret Winthrop

Lavender bag: Margaret Winthrop, Jane Waite, Janette Crichton

Cross stitch item: Jen Montgomery, Margaret Winthrop, Jane Waite

A bracelet: Margaret Winthrop, Cathy Jess

Halloween card: Jane Waite, Jan Williams, Linda Miller

Photo of blue flowers: Aileen Banks, Janette Crichton, Georgina Waugh

Photo of animal: Janette Crichton, Georgina Waugh, Aileen Banks

Painting, any medium: Christine Crichton, Koren Dumbleton, Jen Montgomery

Any other article, any craft: Margaret McMahon, Helen Dumbleton, Margaret Winthrop

Royal Bank Trophy: Dominique Schroder, Margaret Winthrop

Chesterhill Cup (Christmas theme, pairs): Dominique Schroder & Mary Ramsay,

Helen & Annette Dumbleton, Margaret Allan &Jen Montgomery

Childrens’ Competitions

Tallest Sunflower (Dr Colin Hogg Trophy) Sophie McCormack, Macauley Crichton, Isla Gowans

Heaviest bag of potatoes (Mary Callander Golden Jubilee Trophy) Anna Gowans, Isla Gowans, Sophie McCormack

Trophy Winners 2018

Pathhead Premier Award: pot plant & vase of flowers - Andy Banks

Dr Alexander Laurie Quaich: 2 geraniums - Willie Punton

Callander Cup: Best garden - Vince & Veronica Markie

Dr Colin Hogg Trophy: Sunflowers - Sophie McCormack

Rosemains Rose Bowl: Most points open classes - Jim Williams

Roderick Murchison Trophy: Most point confined classes - Billy Knox

Cranstoun Trophy: Best Chrysanthemum - Gordon Mitchell

Society’s Trophy: Best Dahlia (open) - Gordon Mitchell

Craik Trophy: Best cut flower (confined) - Fiona Meikle

Society’s Trophy: Best vegetable (confined) - Fiona Meikle

Logan Vase: 4 rose blooms - Billy Knox

Scott Trophy: Best decorative exhibit - Aileen Banks

Society’s Rose Bowl: Most points in cookery - Janette Crichton

George Moir Rose bowl: Best handicrafts exhibit - Margaret McMahon

Society’s Trophy: Most points in handicrafts - Margaret Winthrop

Society’s Trophy: Best cookery exhibit - Janette Crichton

Wahlberg Trophy: Best exhibit in show - Margaret McMahon

Chalmers Trophy: Single rose - Billy Knox

Davidson Trophy: Best pot plant - Willie Punton

Dr Ireland Trophy: Best bowl of roses - Andy Banks

Chesterhill Cup: 4 Christmas items - Mary Ramsay & Dominique Schroder

Callander Silver Teapot: Best Senior Citizen exhibit - Margaret Winthrop

Dalrymple Special Prize: Child with most points - Sophie McCormack

Lamb Cup: Most points child over 9 - Macauley Crichton

Wallace Shield: Best children’s exhibit - Macauley Crichton

Royal Bank Cup: Flowerpot man & pot of herbs - Dominique Schroder

Pathhead Sports & Social Trophy: 2 vases gladioli - Bill Sowman

Fuchsia Trophy: 3 Fuchsia in pots - Willie Punton

Jim Park Trophy: Spray Chrysanthemums - Gordon Mitchell

Eric Caulton Cacti Trophy: 2 pots cacti/succulents - Andy Banks

Garden News Top Vase: Vase of mixed flowering stems - Andy Banks

Scottish Grass Machinery Trophy: Best Lawn - Billy McCormack