People still shout catchphrases from viral clip at Scottish mum 6 years on

AN Edinburgh mum who became famous across the internet after expletive-laden footage showing her telling off her children went viral continues to have catchphrases shouted at her in the street.

A friend of Oxgangs mum-of-three Lizzie Brash says the family regularly have the catchphrase shouted at them by strangers at home and elsewhere, the Scottish Sun reports.

“She would be in Tesco and people would shout, “Disgustin’!”, the friend reveals.

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“Workies would be hanging out their vans shouting at them too.

“The girls get it all the time from other kids at school. It’s relentless. Even when they were on holiday in Scarborough, folk were shouting the catchphrases.”

Lizzie Brash’s X-rated rant racked up millions of views on YouTube and across social media when it went live in 2013.

The clip shows two of Lizzie’s young daughters singing along to Cher Lloyd when they are suddenly interrupted by their mum, who bursts through the door and shouts: “Which one of yas doesn’t know how to flush the toilet after having a s**t?”

The younger sister quickly answers, “It wasn’t me.”

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But Lizzie shouts: “Well is was f****n one of yous. Disgustin’!”

She then slams the door before the sheepish kids switch off the camera.

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