15 reasons why Edinburgh is better than Glasgow - including chippy brown sauce, Edinburgh Castle and Murrayfield Stadium

Edinburgh is the Capital of Scotland for good reason!

For many years the east/ west debate about whether Edinburgh or Glasgow is Scotland’s best city has raged, so we’ve taken a look at reasons why the Capital is the best, in our humble opinion.

For a start, Glasgow doesn’t have the history Edinburgh has, and of course the Capital welcomes the world’s biggest arts festival every August, with millions of tourists flocking here every year testament to both. And despite Glasgow’s dominance on the football field over the years and the popularity of Celtic and Rangers, Edinburgh still has the country’s largest sports stadium, with 67,000 able to pack into Murrayfield to roar on the Scotland rugby team.

Scotland’s parliament sits at Holyrood, and it would be remiss to forget the biggest advantage Edinburgh has over Glasgow, chippy brown sauce! Why use just vinegar when our special sauce mixes traditional brown sauce with vinegar to create a unique and perfect accompaniment to fish and chips.