28 brilliant photos of Gorgie Farm visits in Edinburgh which will bring back memories of the good old days

Edinburgh’s farm in the heart of the city, pictured through the years

While the future of Edinburgh's Gorgie Farm is still uncertain, its past will bring back many a good memory to those who grew up in the Capital. Over the years, it hosted school trips and summer days out, and sparked lifelong loves for animals.

The farm was established in the late 1970s by a community group that worked in clearing the derelict site and wanted to use it as a green space for the community. The farm officially opened in 1982, selling lambs and pigs, and was also the home of other animals, including cows, sheep and goats.

It has constantly bounced back from setbacks over the years, closing on occasion due to lack of funds and issues such as foot and mouth disease and the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Following the farm's closure in January 2023, the site's animals were transported to other local zoos and farms. There are ongoing plans to reopen the farm as a community-led venture.

Take a look through our picture gallery and see if you can spot yourself on a day out at the farm.

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