'Basil Fawlty lives on' - Edinburgh reacts to Leith restaurant bosses threatening to call police over poor TripAdvisor review

Evening News readers have been reacting with mixed views after angry restaurant bosses labelled a reviewer an "embarassment" - and threatened to report him to police if he returns in an online row over a voucher.
Britannia SpiceBritannia Spice
Britannia Spice

Bosses at Britannia Spice in Commercial Street hit back after the angry customer posted a scathing comment on Tripadvisor titled “Terrible Customer Service”.

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Leith restaurant threatens to call police after poor TripAdvisor review

After the meal, the reviewer claims he tried to pay with the Groupon voucher offering a four-person meal of £40 for only £20.

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But the restaurant responded publicly to stress that the terms of using the Groupon voucher had not been met as there were only two diners.

The restaurant also described the reviewer as "selfish" and his behaviour as "atrocious," adding: "We would normally not even go into dialogue with such pathetic people like yourself but the way you behaved to my staff and in the restaurant making an embarrassment of yourself in front of your poor wife deserves you to be publicly shamed for all to read. It’s just a shame we can’t attach a picture."

Reader Reactions

Terry Kelly said: "Restaurant was right . He should have read conditions of the voucher.."

Sophie White wrote: "Should have read the terms and conditions, yes. But the restaurants response was highly unprofessional, unpleasant and extremely uncalled for."

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Neil Chalmers wrote: "The manager does seem to have gone over the top but I find it hilarious.

"The customer was not behaving according to the conditions. Everyone knows that vouchers have to be presented before ordering. OK, I would have offered him the twenty quid off and told him to get lost. I wish I had seen this. Basil Fawlty lives on. Some customers are always trying it on."

Chris Watt wrote: "The restaurant could have used at least a bit of professionalism in their response and not been so petty. However rude the customer was."

And Lynne Brophy said: "He was trying to use a voucher for 4 people for just 2 people. Seems customer didn’t read his terms and conditions but the owner could have responded better."

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Diane Robertson said: "Well I wouldn't go there after the personal berating they have given this man, what a shocking way for a restaurant to respond, extremely Childish. I really don't care who was in the wrong but this is not the way to deal with it."

David Grant said: "Went there a few years back having had a previously good experience. The last occasion proved to be memorable for all the wrong reasons, with the owner shouting at ourselves and other customers who had come over to our table to agree with our view of the service we had received.

"The food was itself very good, but when we complained about the service the owner had what appeared to be a complete melt down a la Basil Fawlty. Never went back again and submitted my experience on TripAdvisor. Bottom line this restaurant lives on its past reputation. There are many better curry houses in the city and suburbs that are a far better experience."

Sam Sue said: "I went last year with a voucher as was treated with the worst service I have ever had, they made clear that they only care if you pay normally and not with a voucher, I have not an will not go back."

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But Rose Wilson said: "I have dined here a few times and always had great service and the food is brilliant too."

And Craig Young said: "This restaurant has provided me with some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. Very friendly and helpful staff."

Zara Christina Mitchell said: "I say well done the the restaurant. Everyone's saying that they shouldn't have been so scathing etc and yet no one witnessed how that man actually acted during his visit. It's very easy to come across differently online in a bid to get others on your side. He never stated that it was just two diners when he was trying to use a voucher that was only valid for a party of 4. That's his fault."

But Ken Pattie responded: "You are missing the point Zara. The diner was in the wrong but the manger handled it incorrectly. Previous post indicate that he will lose custom in the future."