Big-hearted Midlothian boy who grew hair for two years chops his locks for charity

Move over Rapunzel. A big-hearted boy from Midlothian his hair for two years so he could donate his locks to charity.
No turning back now.No turning back now.
No turning back now.

Rhys Caw (11), who is originally from Loanhead and moved to Bilston last year, decided to follow in the footsteps of his mum, Susan, who, unlike most brides, shaved her head for a cancer charity at her wedding reception!

"I got married on the 5th August 2005 in Cyprus and on our return we had a party. This was an ideal opportunity to raise money for Macmillian Cancer, and I raised just over £1500,” said Susan.

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The Bilston Primary pupil has proved in many ways he is a kind boy, as mum Susan explains. “Rhys has a good heart. As parents we have been honest with Rhys, and told him he could have had Down’s Syndrome due to my age. He accepted this in a very grown-up way.

Hair one minute, gone the next.Hair one minute, gone the next.
Hair one minute, gone the next.

“Rhys has also attended the Loanhead After-School Club since he was two-years-old and plays with others who have special needs. This does not phase him as they are his friends.”

And you’ll never see this young man walk past a homeless person on the street. He is the boy who keeps on giving.

His mum added: “Rhys likes to give money, juice and food to those in need when he sees them.”

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Although it’s quite rare for a boy to donate hair to the Princess Trust, it was something Rhys felt determined to do.

He raised £435 and donated 7 inches of blonde hair after going for the chop at Miskala in Dalkeith.

The youngster is a miraculous boy in more ways than one, and his family are immensely proud of him.

"Rhys is our miracle as he was conceived through IVF,” said Susan.

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“He is a very articulate boy who can do anything he puts his mind to. Rhys does acting, singing and dancing with Stagecoach. He has sang with G4 at the Assembly Rooms, and on the backing tracks for Fishy Music.

"We are very proud of all his achievements and support his life choices. He has a big heart.”

Asked how he felt when his hair was cut off, Rhys replied: “I loved it!”

So much so, that he has decided to grow it and do it all over again!

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