Concerns raised about frequent sewage incidents at Newbattle Abbey Crescent

Local politicians have expressed their concerns at the frequent sewage incidents at Newbattle Abbey Crescent and urgently called for a long-term solution to eliminate incidents like this in the future.

Local MSP Colin Beattie and Cllr Stuart McKenzie visited Newbattle Abbey Crescent where there have been several reports of manholes overflowing with sewage after recent heavy rain fall.

Mr Beattie said: “This isn’t the first incident of the kind to occur at Newbattle Abbey Crescent and isn’t pleasant for the residents to experience. It is important that long-term plans are explored to eliminate future sewage incidents, not only at Newbattle Abbey Crescent but across Scotland.

“I recognise that this will require huge investment and will not be resolved overnight.

Local MSP Colin Beattie and Councillor Stuart McKenzie (both SNP) pictured at Newbattle Abbey Crescent.

“I will, however, pursue the issue as chair of the Esk River Improvement Group with Scottish Water at the next meeting.”

Cllr McKenzie said: “I recognise that Scottish Water and their contractors have been reacting to the issues of drainage at Newbattle Abbey Crescent and have been regularly attending to complete clean-up operations, which we thank them for.

“However, it is simply unacceptable that homes, public spaces as well as local wild-life areas are regularly contaminated. We have to realise that the climate is changing and our older systems need addressing in good time. It is time for Scottish Water to come together with community groups and focus on what long term measures are required. ”

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Scottish Water and network operator Veolia, responded to an overflow from the sewer network at Newbattle Crescent on August 15.

“Our teams attended site and found that the significant rainfall following a long period of dry weather, caused a large mass of wet wipes and sanitary products to be flushed through the system quickly.

“This mass blocked the sewer and led to an overflow from several manholes in Newbattle Crescent.

“The area was cleaned quickly after the incident and the sewer has been inspected to ensure no further work needs to be done.”