Dalkeith woman Shannon Sime dies six weeks after giving birth to new baby daughter Harlow

A 29-year-old woman who suffered a stroke and died six weeks after giving birth to her first child has been described by her husband as “the most amazing person he has ever met”.

Shannon Sime, who was from Dalkeith but lived with her husband Scott in Australia’s Gold Coast, gave birth to the couple’s baby daughter Harlow on June 22 - a month before her due date.

But just six weeks later, on August 5, the new family’s world came crashing down when Shannon suffered a stroke and was rushed to hospital, where she later died.

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In an emotional post, Scott, who hails from Musselburgh, described his wife as someone who “made this world a much better place”.

New mum Shannon Sime died six weeks after giving birth

“Shannon is the most amazing person I’ve ever met, she’s my best friend as well as my wife and the mother to our beautiful daughter,” he said.

“She’s made this world a much better place and it comforts me in knowing how many positive impacts she’s had on people’s lives from every corner of the globe.

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“I’m in awe of all the amazing things we’ve been able to do together and how even after everything she’s been through, she was still able to find the strength to live every moment like it was her last and be as selfless as she is.”

Addressing Shannon, he added: “I’m eternally grateful that you chose to ‘do life’ with me darling.

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“I promise I’ll take care of Harlow and give her the life you wanted for her.”

Shannon and Scott were said to be living their dream life together after they made the decision to pack up and move to Adelaide in Australia 10 years ago. They later relocated to Melbourne in 2019 and then went on to live in the Gold Coast.

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And although the birth of Harlow was to be their “new chapter” as a family of three, thousands of pounds have now been raised for Scott and Harlow as they try navigate the world without their beloved wife and mother.

Friends Daniel O'Hara and Aisling Cromie set up the page to help Scott, who will have to take time off work to care for little Harlow.

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The set out with a target to raise 40,000 AUD - around £23,400 - and just five days in, are just $4,000 away from hitting their goal.

Daniel and Aisling described Shannon as one who had an “infectious personality” and “found the good in every situation”.

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They added that her selflessness had seen her volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day as well as offer to cut the hair of women affected by domestic violence.

They said: “Shannon had a zest for life and fitted more into her 29 years than the rest of us could manage in a lifetime.

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“She had a passion for adventure and travelling, something her and Scott wanted to share with Harlow as she grew up.

“Even after the tragic loss of Shannon, Scott and her family provided the ultimate gift of life by donating her organs and giving a second chance to five people who were in desperate need of help.”

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They added: “As a widower to a new born baby, Scott will not be able to work for the foreseeable future. Any support we can provide to him and his beautiful daughter will go a long way in helping them cope with their tragic loss as they learn to live without their beautiful wife and mother.

To donate to the GoFundMe page, click here.