Danni's mission is to beat body blues

AFTER being made redundant from a communications job in 2016, Danni Gordon decided to use her career hiatus wisely and enrolled on a series of self-development courses.
Danni Gordon helps people improve their body image. Picture: Greg MacveanDanni Gordon helps people improve their body image. Picture: Greg Macvean
Danni Gordon helps people improve their body image. Picture: Greg Macvean

It was during these that she had a breakthrough and managed to shed her life-long dissatisfaction with the way that she looks.

Now, she’s on a one-woman mission to revolutionise the negative relationships people have with their own bodies.

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The way she does this is through talks, workshops and retreats – ways she can take hold of the conversation and try to help make a difference.

She believes that the key to unburdening negative body image is to really understand why we hold such deep-seated definitions of what is considered beautiful and to start appreciating every body for all the amazing things they can do.

“It’s about shifting your focus on to what your incredible body can do for you, rather than how it looks.

“Life is about so much more than just your body. Your body helps you to live an amazing life – your body isn’t and shouldn’t be, your life”.

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Danni, based in Edinburgh, started the Chachi Power Project with a short-term aim, to run a one-off workshop to discuss how to to talk to children about their body image, but soon it became her entire focus, and then her business,

“I don’t think we realise how much a lack of body confidence can affect our lives and relationships. I used to see my body just as its limitations. I didn’t consider it to be the ‘right type’ of body and I felt I was being judged every day.”

Her aim is to help everybody – regardless of their age, gender, shape or size – improve their body image and foster an attitude that all body types are beautiful and worthy of appreciation.

She said: “It’s so difficult because we’re surrounded by so much negative messaging about what a body should look like and what is beautiful, much of it subliminal.”

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She advises taking action by actively curating the messages you absorb, as far as you can. Edit your social media feed to only show people who inspire and support you rather than beating yourself up over images of gym bunnies.

Danni has worked with volunteers at The Princes Trust to help them identify body image issues in the young people they mentor and chaired discussions with pregnant and post-partum mums. She runs positive mindset workshops in schools and youth clubs and runs workshops on diversity in the media, capitalism and body image, and the importance of self care.

She is living proof that freedom from body hang-ups is a possibility: “I want to alter people’s priorities and have them see that being kind and loving towards your body means you’re more likely to look after it

“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Loving your body can change the world.”