Decorated bricks mark Bonnyrigg Art Cabin's fifth birthday

A Bonnyrigg woman has celebrated her art business’s upcoming fifth birthday by showcasing her members’ work on bricks for locals to enjoy.

Liz Bierman set-up Art Cabin in her back garden in September 2017, and not long later she was able to quit her day job a building services technician.

Now, with around 50 members, aged 8-84, benefiting from her teaching, she thought the best way to mark five years of her art business would be to showcase what her students can do.

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The decorated bricks are on the roundal in Roslin Glen Country Park car park for locals to enjoy while out for a walk.

She said: "I just came up with the idea to get everybody that comes to the classes to paint a brick.

"We looked for somewhere to show them off to the public and nd we found the perfect place at the country park.

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"There are 150 bricks there with artwork on them. It just brightens the place up and it’s nice for people out for a walk to see some nice artwork.

"They have been there for a week and already I’ve heard people are going to the park just to see them.

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Liz Bierman at the artwork to mark Art Cabin's fifth birthday in September.

"It took about six weeks to get approval from the council and then we just painted like mad before going down to install them.

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"It looks amazing and I’m so chuffed with the results.”

Liz has been delighted to see local people shine while her business has grown in its first five years.

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She added: “Art Cabin is for adults and children, from beginners right up to advanced level.

The decorated bricks with Art Cabin artwork on the roundal in Roslin Glen Country Park car park.
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“I get people from all over the place coming to see me.

"At first it was just kids classes, but it grew and grew.

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"We were on Zoom during lockdown, which was a god send really. It was a real lifeline for people as some of them never saw anyone during that time.”

Liz revealed why she decided to “bite the bullet” and set-up Art Cabin back in 2017.

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She said: "I have painted all my life but I got to the stage where I thought I would bite the bullet and see how it goes, turning my hobby into my job.

"Within a month I handed my notice in at work.

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"I have loved every minute of the Art Cabin and it has given so much to a lot of people.”