Edinburgh Council leader Adam McVey labels Bross Bagel landlord’s comments ‘disgraceful’

McVey called comments made by the bagel chain’s landlord “casual antisemitism”.

By Jamie McKenzie and Conor Marlborough
Sunday, 12th April 2020, 3:02 pm
Updated Sunday, 12th April 2020, 3:16 pm

Council leader Adam McVey has described comments made to Edinburgh’s Bross Bagels owner Larah Bross by a shop landlord “casual antisemitism”.

Cllr McVey took to Twitter to express his outrage, telling followers that it is “disgraceful” that a landlord thinks the right way to respond to a tenant’s request for support is “with appalling casual antisemitism.”

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On Thursday last week, Miss Bross, who runs the Bross Bagels shop in Portobello, told this news outlet that she tried to make alternative rent payment arrangements with Mr Demirezen for the next three months due to the economic impact of the pandemic, as she has done with the landlords at her four other Edinburgh shops.

But Mr Demirezen, who is retired and has deteriorating health, said he is stuck in Turkey due to the lockdown after going there recently for private medical care. He told the Evening News that he needs April’s rent payment now because he is unable to sort out any financial assistance from outside of the UK.

He insisted that his reference to Miss Bross’ “typical Jewish behaviour” in a text message to her should be viewed as a compliment on her ability as a clever businesswoman, and that he has “no intention of upsetting anyone” or “going against any religion.”

Edinburgh Council leader Adam McVey labels Bross Bagel landlord’s comments ‘disgraceful’