Edinburgh mother baffled by 'twisted' vandals who left super glue on baby changing table in museum

Libby Fairbairn had to yank her baby daughter free from the glue after she became stuck.

Monday, 27th January 2020, 7:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 8:45 am
Sadie's snowsuit was stuck to the super glue in the baby changing facilities at the National Museum of Scotland. Pic: Libby Fairbairn.

An Edinburgh mum had to yank her baby free from super glue thought to have been left by vandals on a baby changing table in a city museum.

Libby Fairbairn and her partner were at the National Museum of Scotland with their children, three-month old Sadie and 15-month-old James, for the new 'T-Rex' exhibition.

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Sadie's snowsuit was covered in glue.

The 30-year-old, from Gilberstoun, said they went to change her daughter's nappie and put her down on the table in a baby changing facility. But as she lifted her up, Libby noticed her baby's snowsuit (all in one baby suit) was stuck to it.

Speaking to the Edinburgh Evening News on Monday, Libby said: "As I unzipped her snowsuit and went to pull her leg out of it, I noticed her leg was sticky. By the time I noticed this, the suit had stuck to the table. It had that solvent smell to it. As I pulled her off I said to my partner, 'that's glue' because it had dried solid.

"It went from the middle of her thigh, up her back and on to her hood. She was well covered in glue.

"I am a little bit confused that someone would be so twisted to do something like that."

Libby's partner, Nathan, alerted staff at the museum's information desk following the incident on Friday last week.

She said the staff immediately blocked off the changing facilities and sent a cleaning crew to go around all of the toilets.

Libby said: "I can not praise the museum staff enough because the manager was just as concerned and confused as we were."

The family were visiting the museum to see the Tyrannosaurs exhibition and staff let them in free of charge.

Libby added: "I have got lots of mum friends and I shared a post (on Facebook) just to warn people to check before they put their baby down on these tables."

A National Museum of Scotland spokesperson said: "Our Visitor Experience staff were alerted to some concerning vandalism in the public toilets at the National Museum of Scotland over the weekend.

"Our Visitor Experience Managers responded quickly to assist those affected and to check the rest of the public facilities in the Museum.

"We will continue to rigorously check that all of our public facilities are regularly serviced to ensure that they are clean and safe."