Edinburgh news: Leith based charity to host a series of public consultations to decide future of beloved local mural

A charity in Leith is asking the public what future they want for an iconic local mural.

By Rachel Mackie
Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 3:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 3:47 pm

Multi-arts charity LeithLate have announced they will be holding a series of public consultations to decide the future of the 40 year old mural at the corner of Ferry Road and Great Junction Street.

The mural was unveiled in 1986 as part of a broader project by Artist Collective, and is the work of Tim Chalk and Paul Grime.

It was originally titled “Into the Future with a Strong Community” though it is popularly known as the Leith History Mural.

The Scottish weather has damaged the mural and much of it is now faded, leading to questions about it’s long term future, with Tim Chalk saying that he would be against the mural being restored, but was keen for new artists to help update the work.

The project, called Picturing Leith, is supported by community money from the Leith Chooses scheme and Museums Galleries Scotland’s Year of Stories initiative, and being led by long-time mural tour guide Cameron Foster.

Cameron explained: “Tim Chalk’s comments at the 2020 closing night discussion opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

"What we could see is a kind of collaboration through time with new memories replacing old as the older ones fade both physically and metaphorically.

Edinburgh news: Leith based charity to host a series of public consultations to decide future of beloved local mural

"It could be not simply very poetic but unlike any other mural I’ve heard of globally.

"That being said, it would be against everything that LeithLate has discussed and stood for over the years if the people of Leith were not properly consulted.

"We hope to be able to listen to as many people as possible and get a real sense of what people want for this iconic work.”

Dr Tom Farrington, LeithLate Chairperson added: “For over a decade, LeithLate have been at the heart of art and culture in Leith.

"During that time, we’ve developed a reputation for conscientious public engagement and we feel we are in a great position to help explore ideas and feelings around the Leith History Mural.

"Picturing Leith is our biggest and most ambitious public art project yet and we’re excited to hear what people have to say”.

The first public event will be in the Kirkgate on Saturday the 6th of August between 10am and 4pm.

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