Edinburgh's most famous cat? Mr Spock, the Wandering Cat of Marchmont, has thousands of fans

Famous feline friend, Mr Spock, has made a name for himself on the doorsteps of his local community in Edinburgh.

Four-year-old ‘Spocky’ first started wandering the streets of Marchmont in 2020, making regular visits to people’s doorsteps, student flats and even shop floors.

Soon enough, Mr Spock became the community’s mascot as he became known as ‘Mr Spock the wandering cat of Marchmont’.

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The cat soon started to be spotted everywhere. In February 2021 a Facebook group was created with 4,000 members dedicated to posting Spock’s nights out in his community, what he has been up to, who he is with and what mischief he has caused.

Mr Spock is possibly Edinburgh's most famous, recognisable, and fluffiest, cat (Facebook: Mr Spock The Wandering Cat of Marchmont)

Whilst this community’s beloved cat wanders from house to house on a daily basis, he does have his own home in Thirlestane that he often returns back to for a quick ‘catchup’ with his owners – Steph Craig and Keith McDougall, as well as his two other siblings.

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Steph said: “Spock is definitely more of a human than a cat as we realised straight away that he was different to his siblings because he was always out, following different people home on a daily basis!

“We didn’t expect him to go so viral, as people from all over the world follow him and go to Marchmont looking to meet him. He is a community cat that brings joy to everyone’s life here.”

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Mr Spock has thousands of fans on social media - and in real life (Facebook: Mr Spock The Wandering Cat of Marchmont)

Spock’s owners keep up to date with his whereabouts through the popular Facebook group, which updates regularly on the cat's activities of the day, including his resilience to be fed at the local ScotMid.

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Whether it’s being a study buddy, sneaking in through people’s windows, taking a nap in an illegally parked spot, being evicted from ScotMid or simply just checking in for the night at someone’s doorstep, Mr Spock has done it all.

This cat has undeniably become more than just a household pet, but a member of the community that people look forward to seeing. Even those who live outside of the area go out of their way in order to have the honour of meeting this profound feline and community companion.

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Suzi, one of Mr Spock’s fans, said: “ I now walk to work via Marchmont in the hope of meeting Mr Spock one day!” While another fan, Dom said: “In the words of the great Spocky himself ‘su casa mi casa’”.

Mr Spock being evicted from his morning visit to ScotMid
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His Edinburgh fans constantly shower Mr Spock in compliments, calling him the “Majestic king” as well as the ‘fluffitude’. People love to see Spock's day-to-day adventures as a part of a routine in the aim of putting a smile on their faces.

While Mr Spock is known as the cat that ‘brightens up people’s day’, his well known Facebook page has also become a huge helping hand to those who have lost their pet cats in the area and present them as missing for the community to keep an eye out.

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Find his fan page on Facebook by searching: Mr Spock the wandering cat of Marchmont

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Spock making himself at home at ScotMid in Marchmont
Mr Spock abiding by his evening ritual by waiting to be served on at a stranger's doorstep