'Hang your heads in shame, ladies' - Readers react to Edinburgh sweet shop owners selling £10 bag of crisps

Readers have been reacting with mixed views after the owners of an Edinburgh sweet shop defended their decision to sell a bag of crisps for £9.99 and cans of energy drink for £3.99.

Monday, 19th August 2019, 3:28 pm
Krystal Hart and Kelly Manders stand by their decision.

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Edinburgh's 'ultimate tourist trap' defends decision to sell £10 bag of crisps

But owners Krystal Hart and Kelly Manders defended their decision to sell their products at that price, stressing that they import everything themselves which means includes the likes of import tax. They also said they don't buy the same quantities as big supermarkets like Asda and pay a bit more to get the products.

Evening News readers have been reacting to the story on social media.

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Krystal Hart and Kelly Manders stand by their decision.

One reader, Gary Finnie, said: "Get away! Cheetos are available everywhere and most little local shops have this stuff. Just a RIP off and a bad reputation for Edinburgh."

Lorraine Evans said: "I will never shop there. Total rip off. Hang your heads in shame, ladies."

Jackie Ross said: "This is shocking, What a disgrace to take advantage of visitors to all the cities they have shops in, Note it is all the best places were all the tourists go, To blame it on import taxes etc is an excuse, This is a case of daylight robbery on unsuspecting people who maybe have only visited the UK as a one of stop and have no idea they are being taking in, Shame they are allowed to stay open, Hopefully when the tourists all go home, we residents will boycott this place as the disgrace they are."

Shirley Fritts said: "Went in there yesterday (yes I am a tourist) and was horrified at the prices - my son wanted a bag of flamin' hot Cheetos and I told him, not a chance, they are $1 back home!! Not all tourists are numpties."

Natalya Naryshkina said: "'The shop opened on 10 August'- it will likely close on 26 after the fringe is over."

Madeline Love said: "We were in the shop at the weekend, have to say a lovely shop music a bit too loud !!! But very expensive saw a bar of chocolate M&M you can buy in Tesco for £2 they wanted £7.99 or £9.99 can’t mind. walked around it and back out the door. I suppose the tourists will pay that price."

But Alexis Luciffer Krayvell said: "Eh, sweets should be treated as an occasional luxury and this kind of reflects that. The free market will dictate how long its lasts, but if I feel like I've earned a wee treat and I fancy something a bit more out of the norm, sure, I'll pay a few quid for something I've no had before."

Tom Roberts said: "Anyone who has a sweet tooth and buys American sweets knows the cost is a lot more, for the reason the owners said. I love American sweets, if you aren’t happy with the price don’t go the shop and don’t pay the prices. Better than the High Street tourist shops selling stale rock!"

Mike Moore said: "I think they are quite right charging these prices for IMPORTED snacks & sweets. We have similar costs for British snacks & sweets in Australia & New Zealand. We all moan about it but we pay it to enjoy these items overseas."

And Dougie Turner said: "Anybody who pays those prices is a complete mug..."