'I'll be back singing and dancing soon enough' - First message from Wallyford personal trainer in hospital after fighting for life in Vietnam

Mekala Osborne has been in hospital since she fell ill in September

Thursday, 30th January 2020, 11:45 am

A 22-year-old personal trainer who has been confined to hospital since falling ill while on a dream holiday in Vietnam has shared a message to family, friends and supporters.

In a video posted on Facebook, Mekala Osborne, from Wallyford, is shown in her hospital bed at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where she has been since late November.

Speaking to the camera for the first time since her hospitalisation in Vietnam, she passes on her thanks to everyone who has supported her.

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Mekala Osborne, who has sent her first public message after falling ill in Vietnam last year (Photo: Contributed)

She said: "Hi everyone, just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your support for me and my family, it is really appreciated and I'll be back singing and dancing soon enough."

Being weaned off the ventilator

In the update posted on Radio Saltire's Facebook page, it was revealed that Mekala is still in the process of being weaned off the mechanical ventilator through the use of a 'T-piece'.

The post says: "Great progress. They are trying Mekala with a T-piece. It's a T-shaped tubing connected to an endotracheal tube used to deliver oxygen therapy to an intubated patient in order to wean her off the mechanical ventilation.

Mekala Osborne while she was on holiday in Vietnam (Photo: Contributed)

"Also there is a speech and language therapist in daily and she ate her first yoghurt on Friday and has successfully been eating one every day. Physio going well.

"She is now down to one antibiotic and is allowed voice box for 30 to 40 minutes per day this to encourage her vocal chords.

"Small steps are becoming larger. Thank you all for your continued support to Mekala and the family."

'Pray she survives'

Mekala Osborne with her mother, Yvonne Bonnar MacAulay (Photo: Contributed)

Mekala's progress is particularly significant months after her family were told to 'pray she survives' an emergency transfer from a hospital in Da Nang, Vietnam to a specialist unit in Singapore.

After two months of difficult recovery, with almost a fortnight spent in an induced coma, Mekala then had to go through another dangerous transfer, flying for 13 hours between Singapore and Manchester, arriving back home in Edinburgh at the Royal Infirmary.

The personal trainer then slightly worsened in hospital, but is now back on the mend and progressing.

She initially fell ill with what she thought was a simple sore throat before fighting for her life after contracting a deadly bout of pneumonia.

Mekala Osborne fell ill while on holiday in Vietnam (Photo: Contributed)