'It's unfair and unjust' - Edinburgh reacts as 40 schoolchildren miss out on Disneyland Paris trip after names ‘pulled from a hat’

More than 40 Edinburgh schoolchildren were disappointed after missing out on the ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Disneyland Paris when names were pulled out of a hat, the Evening News reported last week.

Monday, 7th October 2019, 1:46 pm
Wester Hailes Education Centre (WHEC).

Kelly Nicoll, parent of a pupil at the Wester Hailes Education Centre (WHEC) told of her son’s dismay on finding out he would be left behind while all his friends went to Disneyland, despite paying an £80 deposit.

She received a text from the school telling her that her son, 11-year-old Connor McGhee, had not secured a sought-after place on the trip.

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40 Edinburgh schoolchildren miss out on Disneyland Paris 'trip of a lifetime' after names 'pulled from hat' to decide who goes
The school trip will go to Disneyland.

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“There were 40 spaces originally, and about 94 children paid deposits to go on the trip.” Ms Nicoll said, “It was oversubscribed so the school managed to get 10 more places from the travel agent but not enough. The kids' names were pulled from a hat and we were basically told ‘sorry, your child hasn’t been allocated a space’ even though we had already paid out of pocket for it.”

Here’s how readers reacted to the news...

“They're dealing with children and should have made arrangements that would have allowed any and all interested children to go. If they couldn't do that, they simply shouldn't have offered the trip.” Caroline Grova

That's exactly how it was done when I was young! It's the fairest way." Lory Mel

Wester Hailes Education Centre (left) and Disneyland.

"Unfortunately that’s just the way it goes, some years my mother couldn’t afford to send me on a school trip. It’s life. Use it as a learning opportunity. You don’t always get what you want, deposit or no deposit, anxiety or no anxiety." Nicola Haslam-Ludgrove

“Here's an idea - if there are only 50 spaces available, then why not restrict participation to the 50 children who have the best grades - even though a trip to Disneyworld will be educationally valueless, at least that'd teach them the valuable life lesson that positive behaviour earns rewards.” John Gailey

"This also happened at my son's school recently. They were over prescribed by 30 spaces and the children were picked at random. I am so sorry to hear about your son. That is a shame. Schools need a better system for this. My son was lucky and got a space but I was so worried he wouldn't get one because he's been looking forward to this trip, and going overseas for years. We don't have the money for many family holidays." Fiona Ross

“This poor school. They voluntarily organise a trip (which is very involved and complicated) and they are absolutely NOT obliged to do. Then various members of staff are kind enough to give up their own time, leaving their families and massive work loads waiting for them and, unless something has suddenly changed, don't get paid a penny for it!” Monica Howell

"They should not arrange a big trip if all the children can't be included it's unfair and unjust." Martin John McIntosh Tait

“Surely there is another travel company that would love to help out with extra spaces, and a few parents would be willing to go on the trip to cover looking after the extra pupils.” James Gebbie

“As a teacher who organises such trips, the worst part of a trip being oversubscribed is having to let some students down! But the kids move on and all is well!” Sian Marie