Loanhead woman inspired by Captain Sir Tom walks around her care home for charity

A Loanhead woman with Multiple Sclerosis walked five miles around her Lasswade care home on her walking frame this month to raise money for charity.

By Kevin Quinn
Friday, 22nd October 2021, 6:00 am
Joyce Douglas completes her five mile walking challenge at Drummond Grange care home in Lasswade.
Joyce Douglas completes her five mile walking challenge at Drummond Grange care home in Lasswade.

Taking inspiration from Captain Sir Tom Moore’s fundraising efforts for the NHS, Joyce Douglas (72) walked the distance between Drummond Grange care home and her former house at Nivensknowe Park to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease Scotland, and has so far collected an impressive £1,020.

Joyce, who worked in advertising for 30 years at the Scotsman and Evening News, has had Multiple Sclerosis for around 20 years.

Her sister Laura Ferguson (64) explained why Joyce took on the challenge.

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Joyce after completing her challenge.

She said: "She has completed the challenge. It took her about a month to do it. Raising more than £1,000, which is great.

"She was inspired to take on the challenge by Captain Sir Tom Moore, to raise money for MND Scotland.

"Joyce chose that challenge as she has a friend in the care home with MND.

"She walked with her frame in the care home every day to make up the distance.

Joyce, with a well earned drink after completing her walking challenge.

"One of the staff at the home helped her, checking how long and how far it would take – roughly four weeks doing it every day to cover the distance.”

Laura revealed how her sister’s health has went downhill recently. She said: “Her condition has deteriorated in recent years and she is in a wheelchair now.

"She contacted Covid twice last year and was taken to hospital, but thankfully she pulled through.

"We had to sell her house as we didn’t think she would make it. So she has now been living in the home for six months.”

Happy with her sister’s fundraising efforts, Laura added: “I’m absolutely delighted for her, it’s just a shame that she can’t keep her home on, but we really didn’t think she would make it.

"It’s hard to see her like she is now, but I still get to see her once a week at the care home, albeit through the glass, they are still keeping that up due to Covid-19 restrictions.

"She has made a few friends there and has settled in now, but it is still not her own home, with her own possessions, furniture etc.”