Lost chicken reunited with owner after being spotted crossing road by passers-by in Edinburgh

The animal was spotted crossing the road, although its motives are unclear.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 11:45 am
The chicken crossing the road and the spotters (Photos: Shauny Gibson)

A lost chicken has been reunited with its worried owner after being spotted literally crossing the road by passers-by.

Shauny Gibson was in a car with his friend Jimmy Parker on Kaimes Road in the west of Edinburgh when, out of nowhere, they spotted the hen out in front of their car.

Posting on Facebook, Mr Gibson wrote: "Has anyone lost a chicken? Me and my mate were driving up the hill past the zoo.

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The chicken on the loose (Photo: Shauny Gibson)

"It WAS trying to cross the road, no joke."

Speaking to the Evening News Mr Gisbon added: "I was going shopping with my mate, I am disabled and Jimmy helps me.

"I thought he was telling a joke at first, then I realised it was a chicken. We totally buckled and were in stitches."

After the incident at around 11.30am on Wednesday, the chicken was eventually returned to its rightful owner who posted on Facebook: "She's home! Took a wander down Kaimes Road, thanks for the spot Shauny!"

The chicken on the loose in the middle of the road (Photo: Shauny Gibson)

Mr Gibson added: "The owner posted pictures of the chicken safe at home on Facebook. There are about 500 reactions to it too, hilarious stuff."

The spotters, Jimmy Parker and Shauny Gibson (Photo: Shauny Gibson)