Martin Compston reunites with Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar for ‘Line of Duty Special’

Martin Compston has reunited with his Line of Duty co-stars in the latest episode of his Restless Natives podcast.

Titled ‘Line of Duty Special’, it the latest installment of the Greenock-born actor’s weekly podcast with broadcaster Gordon Smart.

In the 37-minute episode, Line of Duty stars Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar talk about awkward auditions, the cutting room floor, and the time they witnessed “Full Compston”.

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Smart announced the episode on social media, alongside a picture showing the olds pals reunited.

Martin Compston, right, has reunited with his Line of Duty co-stars Vicky McLure, left, and Adrian Dunbar, centre, in a special episode of his Restless Natives podcast.

In a post on Instagram, he wrote: “It’s an AC12 special on #restlessnatives tomorrow…

“Some great tales in Episode 7 of high jinx in Belfast with Vicky McClure, Martin Compston and the gaffer, Adrian Dunbar.

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“There is a belter of a 'Full Compston' story with a special mention for Conor McGregor.

“If it goes well, we might even put a bonus LoD episode out…”

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Launched in August and named after the Edinburgh cult classic movie, Restless Natives: The Podcast is an exploration of the Compston and Smart’s friendship, family and ‘the mad lives they lead between London, Scotland and Las Vegas’.

The pair have been best pals for 15 years, travelling the world together and making mischief wherever they go.

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Whilst packed with copious amounts of high jinx, it’s also an exploration of fame, coping as parents and husbands – it’s about health, wealth and finding happiness through adversity, plus their masterplan to launch their own business.

Each week, they call upon their black book of contacts and wise advisors to seek help with their latest ambitious quest.

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Speaking about the podcast shortly after its launch, Compston said: “Just what the world doesn’t need – another actor with a podcast!

“In all seriousness, we’ve been talking for too long about doing this, now it’s actually happening.

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“In the true spirit of the original film, we’ve got big dreams and ideas, now it’s time to get going. I’m so excited about it.”

Smart added: “I am shamelessly riding on the coattails of a national treasure. That said, without me, Martin would never have been voted Scotland’s Most Stylish Man in 2014.

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“Let’s hope that kind of successful partnership continues and we’re still pals at Christmas.”

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