Midlothian council tax frozen and rent increases postponed

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Council tax will be frozen and rent increases postponed for the coming year in Midlothian.

Councillors voted to halt a planned increase of three per cent in council tenants’ rent, as well as freeze any increase on council tax at a virtual meeting.

Officers told elected members that putting the rent increase on hold for tenants would have a “negligible” effect on its future plans for investment in housing.

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And a further report revealed that the Scottish Government had provided funds to cover the equivalent of a 3.1 per cent council tax increase if they agreed to freeze payments.

The decision to scrap a rent increase for the coming year received cross-party support from the Midlothian councillors.

Councillor Stephen Curran (Lab) said that the impact of the Covid-19 crisis was still to be seen from an economic point of view and welcomed the additional support for families.

He said: “Many tenants face uncertainties and to continue with rent increase at this time would simply be wrong.

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“It would only make a bad situation worse for many residents.”

His view was backed by Councillor Catherine Johnstone (SNP), who added: “Our residents have faced enormous challenges and I think the rent increase could have been the final straw for many families.”

Councillors were told during the meeting that rent arrears had grown by £500,000 since April last year – an increase of 31 per cent of money owed to Midlothian Council.

Officers warned that going ahead with the proposed rent rise created a risk “that may lead to housing applicants and tenants on lower incomes being unable to afford the rents”.

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Despite the freeze on council tax, our local councillors went on to approve an ambitious capital programme which will see record investment of over £0.567 billion over the next four years in Midlothian, with a further £263 million of local projects in the pipeline.

Projects approved include £10.5 million for the delivery of a revised digital learning programme to make sure all schoolchildren can get online; while a new £12 million care facility at Polton Street in Bonnyrigg was also approved.