Midlothian New Year messages

Local politicians have been delivering their New Year messages, reflecting on another tough year as we continue to fight through the pandemic, while looking forward to 2022 with hope.

Owen Thompson MP.
Owen Thompson MP.

Midlothian MP Owen Thompson (SNP) said: "It's been a two-year slog that has taken its toll on all of us, but we owe it to our exhausted NHS staff to keep going, keep following the guidance and help slow the spread.

"The most effective tool to beat this particular beast are vaccinations so it has been inspiring to see how the booster programme has been turbo-charged in the race against Omicron. If you haven't done so, get your sleeve rolled up and get vaccinated as soon as you can!

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"Amidst all the challenges, one thing that's certain is that Midlothian’s communities have remained incredibly resilient throughout, so thank you to everyone. I wish you all the very best in the year to come.”

Christine Grahame MSP.

Midlothian South MSP Christine Grahame (SNP) said: “I wonder what 2022 will bring? We have managed through, some better than others, 2020 and 2021 and I do know from my inbox how hard it has been for too many of you.

"Until the richer nations spread their wealth and knowledge more freely to the have-nots, whether at home or abroad, then we will not know peace, stability and a world we can pass to our children and their children in a worthwhile state. This is a tough call but do-able.

"Let’s buckle down and get through this by helping each other, by supporting others and look forward in this New Year to better times ahead, at home, and beyond these shores. Stay safe.”

Midlothian Provost, Councillor Peter Smaill (Con) said: “For a second year the council staff, voluntary sector and citizens of Midlothian have adapted and achieved against the most challenging peacetime crisis of our lives.

"Tough decisions have been tempered by consideration for others. Employment has been sustained and although some growth has slowed, Midlothian remains well-placed for expansion. 2022 will again at all levels call for optimum deployment of the resources which come from the UK and Scottish governments but above all rest on the hard work and community values which have always been a feature of Midlothian.”